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Source: Token Talk

It took a couple of nudges before I added Token Talk to my long list of podcasts. First, from Super Fan Curnis (who finally got his Token Talk t-shirt) but when my cousin of Druken Church Ladies told me, I sacrificed phone space and added them.

The Token Talk Podcast is about three Black guys from Jackson, Mississippi, determined to bridge the gap of cultural understanding between themselves and their counterparts. Despite coming from different backgrounds and a slight age gap, these black men have a lot of commonalities evident in their hilarious weekly discussions of sharing the daily struggle of being the token Black guy. Follow this social commentary from a minority perspective as they encourage open dialogue with their guests about race, music, dating, and current events.

Husband and I immediately binged past episodes. Don’t tell them but Token Talk quickly became one of my favorite podcasts. The kind where I’m anxiously waiting for them to drop their newest episode. Exhibit A:

And, my Husband is worst. I used to have to wait to listen with him. Now, I listen on my own and re-listen with him. He’s such a fangirl so I knew when they announced their live show, we were going.

This was the first live show hosted by Satchel, held at Podastery Studios. Upon arrival, there was 30 minutes of small talk. I chatted with familiar faces, met new people who I think will be a great addition to my life opposed to annoying and told Thomas that if he insulted New Orleans again, I would call my whodies because there a lot of us in Jackson *blaka blaka* Anyway, the show was recorded live so I’m not going to go into too many details (because you can listen once released) but should mention the guys had a guest cohost. Exhibit B:

They talked about what they’ve been up to and each other, a few hot topics, why and how the podcast was created, that Tario doesn’t pick up his phone, Q&A and that Darius is now “woke.” There was some talk about possible replacements and changing roles but as a fan who listens to each episode twice, that’s not going to work for me because of course, everything is about me.

After the show ended, they attempted to open the floor for more Q&A but Beau (of Satchel and Podastery) informed us in so many words that we didn’t have to go home but that we had to get the hell out of there. I feel you Beau. It was late, you gave us free food, drinks and t-shirts. What else could we ask for? Overall, it was an awesome event. I look forward to more live shows from both Satchel and Token Talk. Side note: I’m the one who wrote more consistent episodes on my survey.

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Source: The Read

Today, is International Podcast Day *insert cheers here* I’m sure you’ve been waiting all year for this, right?

Anyway, I would describe most of the podcasts I listen to as intelllectually-ratchet or maybe bougetto. They are quite entertaining and include discussions on pop culture, politics, advice, and even rants. Having a hard day? Listen to a podcast. Traveling? Listen to a podcast. I’ve even added podcasts that help me with this awesome blog, entrepreneurship and productiveness.

Unlike last year, I’ve listed the podcasts. My list has grown tremendously and creating a summary for each would take forever and y’all don’t pay me.

Most of the podcasts are linked so you can start listening to them immediately; however, most of them contain explicit language so grab your earbuds. Without further ado, podcasts:

The OG Podcasts (aka podcasts I’ve been listening to the longest)

Originally on the list was The Brilliant Idiots but both hosts were getting on my nerves for being more idiot than brilliant. But, I kind of miss Charlamange so I may redownload it.

Since last year, I’ve added:

Local Podcasters:

But it can’t all be fun, I suppose I need to learn a few things:

No wonder my phone keeps bitching about being out of storage, I have 5,222 podcasts on it!

And, I linked a lot of these to SoundCloud but I listen to them on my iPhone’s podcast app but not everyone has an iPhone. Not everyone makes good decisions… Oh and as stated previously, subscribe to Pink Gumbeaux, the NEWSLETTER, follow me on Facebook (where I spend most of my time), Twitter, Instagram and Bloglovin. Read and share my previous post: Formation in 24hrs or Less 

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Source: The Read (Kid Fury and Crissle)


I’m no podcast buff but for me, The Read is the godmother of my podcast collection. Just when I think I’m not going to make it through the work week, The Read drops a new episode that includes black excellence, pop culture, listener questions and “the read.” The Read is my favorite part.  Subject matters range from customer service to misogyny and include fatal yet intellectual ass whippings.


Source: Last Name Basis (Patrick and Franchesca)


As a result of Crissle mentioning an article The Read and other podcasters were featured in, I downloaded Last Name Basis hosted by Patrick and Franchesca who happen to be husband and wife.  You may be familiar with Franchesca from her YouTube skits, social media activism, and MTV Decoded.  Patrick is just a boring attorney…  Any who, the couple usually chats about recent experiences, pop culture, useless scientific facts, and slang tests (given to Patrick by Franchesca).


Source: Mmmhmm Girl


Now stepping into something a little ratchet.  Each week, under the influence of some liquor or mixed drink I’ve never heard of, Mmhmm, Girl hosts Lola and Babs give us the 411 on a range of topics from rap and pop culture to Lola’s dating life.  Occasionally, Babs randomly breaks out into songs and it’s absolutely hilarious.


Source: Another Round


Another Round reminds me of brunch, maybe happy hour with fellow young professionals.  Subject matters include but are not limited to social injustices, terrible jokes that are funny because we’ve been drinking, personal stories and interviews with journalist and music artists I would’ve never heard of had I not tuned in.  There is also weekly discussion of squirrels.


Source: 2 Guys And A Girl


Bringing the ratchet back,  2 Guys And A Girl hosted by X D, J Williams and Jade (described as smart, funny and black as hell) have me literally laughing out loud every week.  Episodes are usually a combination of pop culture, f***** up song of the week, and custom cocktails by Jade.  They are the group of friends who always say things you’re thinking but never say out loud because you’re pretending not to be an asshole.


Source: For Colored Nerds


For Colored Nerds, hosted by best friends Brittany and Eric cover topics deemed “uncool.”  However,  I find them quite humorous, relevant and….cultured.  They make me want to attend film festivals, the newest exhibit at my local art museum, and try a cigar.  Damn, what am I doing with my life?


Source: The Friend Zone


Last but not least is the very new The Friend Zone.  By the time you read this, their fifth episode should’ve dropped.  I’m familiar with this bunch through their friends Kid Fury and Crissle.  Both Assante and Dustin have been featured on The Read.  Any who, this podcast is quickly becoming a favorite.  It’s the weekly spiritual boost I need.  One of my friends coined them as the “hippies” of podcasts.

Honorable mention goes to Brilliant Idiots  who are more idiotic than brilliant (hosted by Charlemagne Tha God and Andrew Schulz) and Neck of the Woods (hosted by Freshalina and Sir Ratchetness).  Neck of the Woods could be a favorite if they released podcasts more than once a century 🙂

I am 90% done with the new site: Although I will continue to have a presence on Blogger, it will no longer be my main blog *insert tears here* Till then, you know I need friends so like Pink Gumbeaux on Facebook and follow me on Twitter and Instagram.  And check out my last blog post: The Perfect Guy AKA The Michael Ealy Movie