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At first listen, I thought it was OK. So, I took a break, said a prayer, meditated, did yoga, talked to my higher self then gave it another listen because I really really wanted to like this EP because I’ve liked other singles such as Borders (which was featured on Season 1, Episode 5 of Insecure).

Note: Didn’t I tell you guys Insecure has the best music ever? The last few music reviews have been connected to Insecure

I guess this is a good time to introduce you to St. Beauty because you guys are probably middle-aged and it’s my responsibility to keep you abreast of millennial trends, you’re welcome. St. Beauty is a group composed of singers Alexe Belle and Isis Valentino who met while working at a boutique (because all talent is hidden in retail) then formed a group (obviously). I am fairly certain they are on Janelle Monae’s label but don’t quote me.

Anyway, I would describe this EP as fun and teeny-bopperish. If Urban Outfitters could produce an album, it would sound like this.

Obviously, I like Borders (I downloaded it after it premiered on Insecure). Caught and Tides are OK. I love Stone Mountain. Colors, Not Discuss It, and Lucid Dreams are… meh. Most importantly, they are super cute, have beautiful voices (like teenage angels), and I would like to come back as a combination of them in my next life. And, do you see their hair? Not relevant… Basically, I am saying I am happy I downloaded it on Spotify… because, it’s a fee I already pay for. But you guys know how fickle I am, the more I listen to it, the more I may like it… or not. Anyway, read my previous music review: Good For You.

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Kind of an awesome title, right? It came to me during church while I should’ve been paying attention to the sermon. Anyway… On Saturday, Beyoncé’s visual album entitled Lemonade debuted on HBO (I think). I’m not entirely sure because it could’ve been released on HBO before, during or after it was released on TIDAL. Speaking of TIDAL, they finally got me.

I’ve always understood its existence but was cool with Pandora and Spotify which are both free. Then, I deleted them because I needed more space on my phone. Most recently, I’ve been leaning heavily on YouTube where I can create playlists and also listen for free.

When Kanye told us his newest album would only be available via TIDAL I started thinking about subscribing but wasn’t convinced. Then, Rihanna released her album but I was still a bit unbothered. It took Beyoncé to nudge me. Lucky me, they offer student rates so it’ll only cost me $4.99. Since then, I’ve listened to Beyoncé’s entire album a few times, Prince (RIP), Faith Evens and Maroon 5. Initially, I thought TIDAL only had music from Jay Z and his homeboys but there is a very large catalog. Oh and it includes other exclusive crap I don’t care about. For a 60 day free trial, use this link. You’re welcome.

So, I like Lemonade but it’s likely that the music will have to grow on me. It’s different, which I like but I’m not totally obsessed. The song I like least is “Don’t Hurt Yourself” featuring Jack White. I was surprised because I’m a fan of Jack White but not today. Of course I have to blame him, I can’t directly blame Beyoncé for fear for my life. So far, my favorite song is “Love Drought.” However, what I favor most is the visuals and it has nothing to do with me being from New Orleans and favoring the Louisiana backdrop.

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As with anything Beyoncé does, fans, scholars and conspiracy theorists try to dissect the lyrics. Did Jay Z cheat? Is Rachel Roy a home wrecking whore? Is Beyoncé the new voice of feminism and black nationalism? Is she the new leader of the new world order? The answer is I don’t know. I should be writing my dissertation instead playing around with you guys.

Have you watched and or listened to Lemonade yet? Did TIDAL get you too? Is Beyoncé the Antichrist? What do you think?!

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