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Source: Amazon

Source: Amazon

I know what you’re thinking. “What is Jackson, Mississippi,” “I thought Jackson was in Florida” and “I didn’t know Jackson, Mississippi had 100 things to do.”

I arrived in Jackson at the age of 17, 13 years ago. My biggest gripe: Nothing to do; especially, in comparison to my life in New Orleans. Note: I had to add “in comparison to New Orleans” because I could feel the grunts of hardcore Jacksonians who say there is plenty to do. And we have proof, thanks to Natalie West. Book description:

It s not hard to see why Jackson is called The City with Soul. Its depth and diversity permeate its art, music, history, food, fashion and even the passion of its sports fans. 100 Things To Do in Jackson, MS Before You Die is a tour guide everyone can use to experience the heart and soul of Mississippi’s capital city. A blend of geek, urban, indie and alternative cultures influences shopping, events, galleries, concerts and nightlife throughout Jackson. Natural parks and abundant green space ensure the beauty of nature is never far away, even in the heart of the city. Native American, Civil War and Civil Rights history sites tell the story of its roots. Established arts districts like Fondren and Midtown along with up-and-coming neighborhoods in Downtown and west Jackson showcase the talent of the city’s future. And the food. So much incredible food. 100 Things To Do in Jackson, MS Before You Die is divided into five categories: Food & Drink, Music & Entertainment, Sports & Recreation, Culture & History, Shopping & Fashion. Each section includes insider info and tips to help visitors and residents make the most of everything Jackson has to offer.

So what are these 100 things? The book is divided into categories (food and drink, music and entertainment, sports and recreation, culture and history, and shopping and fashion) includes photos, tips and facts as well as an itinerary. This book is great for not only tourists, residents and semi-residents (such as myself) but those who may be reluctant to visit Jackson *stares at Mom* And, word on the street (aka the author told me so), there may be a contest for the people who do the most “things” in a year. May the odds be ever in your favor.

Buy the book here, stay abreast of events here, and read and share my previous post: Thank You and Goodnight: Top Posts of 2016

You’re welcome.

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This year, we celebrated Thanksgiving in New Orleans with my family so there was no need for a list of shows to binge watch, a stack of magazines to read or tips on how to properly socialize. Although the Thanksgiving meal (in which I contributed the Mac and Cheese) was awesome, I was most excited about seafood, beignets and daiquiris. They put whipped cream in the daiquiris out here, I can’t condone or participate in that. 

Highlights from My Trip: 

Spending time with family and realizing I’m shady because of genetics; specifically, my grandparents on both sides (you too Mom).

Walking through the French Market and French Quarters, taking in the sound of jazz from street musicians as well as the smell which is usually a combination of horse s***, piss from people who probably don’t drink enough water, pralines and seafood?

Giving Dad a birthday card full of glitter, hoping it would explode all over his house resulting in him spending an eternity cleaning it up. Unfortunately, he didn’t trust me and opened it outside. Don’t feel sorry for him, we have an ongoing feud.

Being asked if I wanted an eyebrow demonstration from a makeup artist located at a kiosk in the Riverwalk. Having my brows filled, matte makeup applied then removed because I didn’t want to pay 15 bucks for her to do the other side. But honestly, I do like their products and will likely shop them at a later date.

Seeing Tank and the Bangas, live! They’re my favorite New Orleans band right now. The crowd was colorful and their performance was awesome. For example:

I know, she’s a bit eccentric. Don’t you love that? Overall, it was a good, lazy Thanksgiving vacation. Next, is Christmas in Houston with the in-laws. How was your Thanksgiving? Did you eat too much? Did you drink too much? Who in your family should be banned from cooking?

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