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It’s been like a month, do you miss me? Anyone? No. Anyway, you guys totally missed my birthday. I am still accepting gifts by the way. Note: I am always accepting gifts.

So, I turned 32 on October 12th which means I am pretty much an expert on life. I would also like to add parenting expert on my vitae; although, I have yet to give birth or be a “parent.” Anyway, for some time birthdays have been a time of reflection and goal setting. So, how was 31? Let’s take a walk down memory lane shall we?

For the first time ever, I am considering forgiveness, releasing grudges and revisiting old relationships. I like to cut people off rather swiftly because I don’t like drama, discomfort or draining relationships. Note: The list is long and goes back to the early 2000s so if you’ve pissed me off recently, it’ll take about 15 years for redemption. 

Historically, the environment dictated which Ashlee you would get but this can be exhausting. My dominant traits include being cynical and deadpan (characteristics used to describe this blog) but I can also be super quiet which is likely because I am analyzing the environment, judging you internally and or both.

This past year, I came to a few realizations regarding my professional career. Since 20, I’ve worked hard to maintain both a professional and academic career with supporting extracurriculars and volunteer work. I tried to acquire every skill necessary to obliterate peers. Now? I don’t really care to impress, prove anything or be an organization’s best employee. I would rather be Ashlee’s best employee where there is no limit on creativity, no competition; most importantly, no coworkers cap on salary.

Last but not least, my spending habits continue to drastically change. Everything requires a Cost-Benefit Analysis. I prefer to do my own facials, manicures, pedicures and eat at home because the food sucks out here. Very different from the woman who got weekly manicures, only ate and drunk out, had a spa membership, and a host of other unnecessary shit.

This upcoming year, I hope to successfully drop Baby Gumbeaux. Actually, I am hoping to do that this week because I am tired of being pregnant and she’s tired of being folded up inside of me like a lawnchair. Other goals include but are not limited to finishing the PhD (I need to replace tuition for childcare), monetizing all skills, being the best entrepreneur ever, and doing a better job of staying in touch with family and friends (I guess that means I have to use the telephone, I detest the phone). I would also like to travel more. I largely avoided this because flying while knocked up is uncomfortable and peeing every 15 minutes makes traveling challenging. Maybe I should be nicer and let my guards down too… Nahhhhh!

I am so mature!

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Ashlee, out!

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A story about my friend’s 12-year old daughter’s reaction to immunizations prompted me to think about my fear of shots and other fears. Let’s discuss shall we:

  1. I am petrified of shots and have done a fair job of dodging them with the exception of the following: (1) the times I got dental work done and the nurse had to hold my hand while the doctor administered local anesthesia and (2) when I got two shots of adrenaline (not 1 but 2) due to my chronic hives in which I cried and called my mom. Husband was in the corner laughing.
  2. I also have a fear of flying and no matter how many times I do it, I still freak out. But I have found a few ways to deal with it 🍷🍷🍷Read: The Scary Cat’s Guide to Flying 
  3. Then there is my fear of heights (which is why I’m scared to fly) but since I’ve been married, Husband has had me in mountains in Tennessee, the top of the Space Needle, and peer pressured me to walk up and go down a 3-story slide at our local state fair. But, guess what? I’m still scared of heights.
  4. If you can’t tell by the introverted tone in some of my blog posts, people also scare me and outside of my academic and creative environments, I would prefer if people would give me 50 feet. Don’t look at me. Don’t touch me. Don’t talk to me. Most importantly, I don’t want to be your friend. Take a stroll down memory lane and read The Introvert’s Guide to the Workplace and The Introvert’s Guide to Social Affairs 
  5. Yeah, about the touching thing. It’s hard to avoid here in the south, Deep South. No one wants to greet by blinking, hand shake at a maximum. Everyone wants to hug and kiss but I rely on the one-arm hug like a mutha.

So, basically what I’m saying is facing your fear will accomplish absolutely nothing. Trust me. Life is too short, go out into the world and live in fear my children!

You’re welcome.

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Completely focusing on my education and career drained me of my creativity. As a result, I was left with a void in my life. Five or so years ago, I made the decision to increase balance by doing all of the things that provided me with a creative outlet. Because I am a super helpful, I thought I’d share my list with you.

#1 Everyone won’t understand but that’s none of your business. In the words of Sheree aka She by Sheree: “Who gone check me boo?”

#2 Surround yourself with other creatives. Check your local newspaper, social media… Hell, try Craiglist (although you may get murdered). Hang where they are, join their group and become an active member. Praise report: If I had not been reading about an entrepreneurship organization, I wouldn’t have become a participant then organizer. I would’ve never been motivated by other innovative entrepreneurs, never would have found out about Startup Weekend and never would’ve won first place!

#3 If you have more than one creative outlet, embrace them all. Shouldn’t you love your children equally? I love blogging but still like art and still want to try photography and am interested in how I can bring innovation and technology to my fields of policy and urban planning.

#4 If for some reason you can’t locate your local creatives, subscribe to blogs, magazines, newsletters, etc. If it’s free or if I can afford to maintain it, I subscribe. Everyday, I read something to improve my skills (usually in the morning, before I get out of bed).

#5 Last but not least, carry a notebook with you. I have a bit of a stationary addiction so I buy notebooks all of the time but it’s good to have one handy, because ideas usually come to me when I’m unable to act on them.

So, it’s important to understand that you can’t do all of these over night. I don’t expect you to be as awesome as me. But set a goal to do at least one per month. Now go out into the world, be creative! Throw glitter in someone’s eye or something!

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