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In November, I silently celebrated my 10th natural hair anniversary. It was silent because you didn’t know. I didn’t mention it because I was a little preoccupied giving birth… Damn, you guys demand so much from me.

Anyway, the decision to “go” or “return” natural was a combination of no longer feeling like commuting to New Orleans (approximately 3 hours) just for hair and nails, being unable to find a good local stylist, and I got tired of waiting long hours (anything longer than 2 hours is a job that I need to clock-in and get paid by the end of my shift/appointment); most importantly, I became “woke.”

You know, that stage where you “return” natural, denounce organized religion, date a Muslim (my ex was a Five-Percenter), become angry at the government, and a google-expert in black history and the African diaspora.

It was tough. I had no idea what I was doing, it wasn’t popular (I don’t think I was aware of YouTube at that time), I tried a host of products, big chopped twice, blew out my hair to eliminate shrinkage, suffered from heat damage twice, and was ready to shave my head. Then, Mom suggested Sisterlocks.

That was the most important sentence in this blog post. Why? Because she’s always asking why I don’t mention her so not only did I mention her, she’s in bold.

Anyway, her recommendation was 4 years ago and it was one of the best decisions I’ve ever made (right above marrying Husband but below trying dark chocolate for the first time).

Although I’ve written extensively about Sisterlocks, let’s do a super brief summary *takes a deep breath* Yes, Sisterlocks are expensive, must be locked regularly (or you will damage your hair), requires no products, low day-to-day maintenance but results include super growth and hair envy.

Yeah, so you owe me a “Happy 10-Year Natural Hair Anniversary,” “Happy 4-Year Sisterlocks Anniversary,” and “yes, I am jealous of your hair.”

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Source: Me!

Look at that drapage (translation: long-ish length of hair). After 3 years of Sisterlocks, I’m happy to report that my hair grows at the rate of speed, requires little to no maintenance, and gets me a lot of compliments and double takes *pauses so you can bask in the glory of my hair*

Hair is interlocked with a tool; thereby, resulting in Sisterlocks. Sisterlocks can be created on natural or relaxed hair, requires hair to be parted using some type of mystical grid, and have to be installed and maintained by a Certified Sisterlocks Consultant or Trainee.

The cost varies. I got mine installed in New Orleans and learned that the price of my installation was on the more expensive side. I get them retightened in Mississippi every 5 weeks at an affordable rate (I recently learned my price was grandfathered in) and it usually takes less than 2 hours.

Currently, my hair routine consists of me sleeping with a satin scarf and running my fingers through my locs in the morning. I wash my hair every 2 weeks and dye it before each retightening. I mostly wear my hair down because I would like to preserve my edges but occasionally put it in a ponytail when I’m feeling frisky.

The use of hair products are frowned upon; however, I do occasionally use setting lotion when I want to create a wave, spray my hair with rosewater because I am vain, have started using lavender shampoo because I am vain, and use the products necessary to dye my hair. I do use a conditioner to seal the hair color in but only when I dye my hair.

Last but not least, I would like to thank Mom for recommending Sisterlocks (she got them installed a year before me) *insert round of applause here* If I did not mention her, she would’ve given me grief. Because I told you guys she gives me grief when I don’t mention her, she will give me grief. Anyway, read previous blog posts on Sisterlocks:

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“It could all be so simple, but you’d rather make it hard.” All I had to do is pick up my usual black dye and it’s associating contents as well as a wooden stick (to wax my beard) but, no. I bought One ‘n Only Argan Oil Perfect Intensity Semi-Permanent Vibrant Color in Midnight Blue.

One ‘n Only™ Argan Oil Perfect Intensity™ semi-permanent hair color allows you to produce intense color with explosive shine with no developer required. These intense vibrant shades were created in Italy and are infused with active levels of rare argan oil for color that last 6 to 8 washes. This hair color is ammonia-free and works best when applied to hair that has been pre-lightened or pre-lightened to a yellow stage.

I figured that if I just dyed my hair blue that I would get the tint I wanted. The “is her hair blue but not really” look. One thing I like is that I didn’t have to mix contents but upon reading directions (that was printed inside the box which is a terrible idea), I should’ve had my hair lightened first. Not a problem for me because like I said, I just wanted a tint.

So, the dye was a cream. Cream is good because it’s not messy, so I thought… After application, Husband informed me of splatters of blue on our bathroom wall, floor, and sink. I guess the formula was looser than I thought. It wasn’t too much of a big deal, I’ll be moving from this apartment soon. They can paint over it, lol. I wiped everything else down although there is still a bit of blue on my magnifying mirror and rose water. How did it even get there?

After letting my hair sit for way longer than instructed, I proceeded to to the shower to rinse it out. By this time, I had already removed my gloves. I had just finished waxing my beard and one cannot wax a beard with gloves on. It was no big deal because I always rinse my hair without gloves and it doesn’t stain my hands. Well, until this time. My hands were smurf blue and it even dyed my fingernails and toenails! And I kept rinsing and rinsing but there was still a lot of blue and that bulls*** was splashing all over the shower. On the walls, the shower curtain and all the products in the shower. Mid shower, I hollered to Husband to bring cleaning supplies so it wouldn’t stain. I’m not trying to loose my rental deposit. I did the best I could but started to panic. After showering, I called my brother (and live-in maid) and asked him to scrub the tub. He was successful but my shower curtain could not be saved. It’s still smurf-blue.

I felt like the blue guy from Z nation but managed to get most of the blue off my hand with acetone. As for my actual hair, my scalp and gray hair are blue but its not really noticeable. Today, I’m pledging to give up. I don’t want to lighten my hair so I assume I will never truly achieve the blue black I want. Le sigh.

As far as this hair product, I’m not sure if I would get it if my hair was lightened. It’s too messy but if you’re willing to wreck havoc in your bathroom, shop Sally Beauty Supply.

Side note: I’m about to repolish my nails in hopes of removing the remainder of the blue. 

Side note, side note: I was successful in removing the remainder of the blue from my nails; however, the inside of my ears are still blue. 

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Sometimes a picture (or 10) is worth a thousand words…

She looks like she just left a playground… Malia (I hope I spelled your name correctly, that’s the least someone can do for you), shout out to you for maintaining your composure. I know it was tough. As soon as she touched your hair, you knew she wasn’t about that life. Hell, we all knew. On the brightside, everyone’s hair sucked but yours is the one cemented in my brain, in history.

Moment of silence

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Source: Me

Source: Me

Mama I made it!

This past Sunday, I celebrated my two-year Sisterlocks anniversary. The pros: Little to no maintenance and product usage, extraordinary hair growth, and hair envy. The cons: Pricey, takes long to lock (depending on hair texture), extraordinary hair growth, and hair envy.

In contraast to the Sisterlocks police, I maintain my hair by washing with cheap clarifying shampoo every two weeks, dye every five weeks (right before my tightening), moisturize with rose water and Naked Tonic Curl Renew twice a week, and sleep with a satin scarf.

My hair has doubled in length, is thicker but not fully locked.  However, I am out of the banding stage (Note: It is recommended that hair is banded or braided prior to washing when hair has not locked). I have no regrets (see “extraordinary hair growth and hair envy” reference).

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