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Nearly 2 years ago, I started a blog series entitled “Faux Product Reviews.” I’m always excited to try new products and have been reviewing products since my blog’s inception. In contrast, I recognize that my reviews may not always be my ministry. I often don’t read instructions or ingredients (because I like to live my life on the edge) and sometimes it takes a while to determine a product’s effectiveness. Some products I tell you about immediately, some I use for a few weeks and other times I link reviews for you (because I am such a good noodle). As a result, I kept it real with you because while it’s somewhat informative, I don’t have all the answers *insert Kanye’s “you ain’t got the answers Sway hereNow that you know why Faux Product Reviews exist, let’s travel down memory lane to determine what I’m still using, what’s a bit… blah and what’s total bulls***.

Faux Product Review 1: Perfect Mattifying Primer sucked. Mostly because the pump was ineffective while I had a half of primer left. I did some research and found that other people had the same issue and for that price?

Faux Product Review 2: Vitamin Plus was recommended to me as a result of a facial; however, I’ve had better mattifying moisturizers and no longer use it.

Faux Product Review 3: Naked Tonic Curl Renew is something I still have and occasionally use; although, it is preferred that moisture not be added to Sisterlocks. The Sisterlocks Gods prefer the production of oil naturally; however, the water here can be super harsh so I spray it every now and then.

Faux Product Review 4: All Nighter Makeup Setting Spray is runner up to De-Slick Makeup Setting Spray for Oil-Control. With my oily skin, I am not likely to buy it.

Faux Product Review 5: Rosewater is still my favorite and I use it everyday; however, I dabble with other rosewater products.

Faux Product Review 6: Matte About You is still in my nail polish drawer. I use it when I feel like being matte which is rare. One thing I don’t like is that the matte top coat attracts residue which darkens nail color so yeah, you don’t really need this.

Faux Product Review 7: Apple Cider Vinegar smells like urine but is so effective for so many reasons. I use it twice a week for facials and pedicures.

Faux Product Review 8: Coconut Oil is another favorite. I use it to remove makeup and moisturize cuticles.

Faux Product 9: Velvet Noir Major Volume Mascara is my favorite mascara. I bought the full-size tube, bottle or whatever it’s called after I was done with the sample.

I used Faux Product Review 10: Light Reflecting Pressed Setting Powder while it lasted. There are better setting powders.

Faux Product Review 11: Tweexy is the most unnecessary product I have ever encountered in my life; however, I wish I would’ve come up with it so I can become rich from something that’s collecting dust in the back of your nail polish drawer.

Faux Product Review 12: Seche Dry Fast Top Coat is a staple and a cheap but effective top coat.

Faux Product Review 13: Veil Mineral Primer was OK. I did replace it a few times but remained on the hunt for something that would minimize my oily skin.

Faux Product Review 14: Fineliner Ultra-Skinny Gel Eye Crayon Eyeliner is my second favorite liner. I have it in both black and blue.

Faux Product Review 15: Mat Velvet + Mattifying Foundation was a favorite. I don’t have a legitimate reason why I stopped using it but wouldn’t mind revisiting it in the future should I start wearing foundation again.

Faux Product Review 16: Konjac Cleansing Sponge w/ Bamboo Charcoal was bomb and I need to replace it. Actually, let me order it right now.

Ok, I’m back. I still have Faux Product Review 17: Beautyblender Pro but haven’t used it in ages.

Faux Product Review 18: Tweexy Again! So, the first time I simply introduced the product. This time, I took the plunge and ordered this bulls***. As stated previously, it’s unnecessary and will increase the chances of you spilling nail polish everywhere.

Faux Product Review 19: Coconut Nail Art is for kids.

Faux Product Review 20: Seche Clear Base Coat is a bit blah. I actually went back to Deborah Lippman’s Hard Rock because I need a base coat that strengthens my nails.

I used Faux Product Review 21: All Day Luminous Weightless Foundation for like 2 days than returned it for:

Faux Product Review 22: Total Cover Cream Foundation which I really liked. Also, it matched my skin perfectly but due to the oily skin (which is worse since being knocked up), I’ve been taking a bit of a break from foundation.

Faux Product Review 23: Ole Glow VoxBox was probably my favorite VoxBox; particularly, since I was already using a lot of their products. I may buy the Power|bright kit in the future, I just haven’t been in the mood to spend 55 bucks and do additional skincare steps.

Faux Product Review 24: Midnight Blue Black was a waste of time and money.

Faux Product Review 25: NYX Butter Lipstick is a great inexpensive lipstick.

Faux Product Review 26: Konjac Cleansing Sponge w/ Complexion Clearing Clay is another favorite. I don’t think you can go wrong with any of their cleansing sponges but ensure you replace them in a timely manner.

Faux Product Review 27: NYX Cosmetics HD Finishing Powder is terrible. It’s basically chalk in a compact container.

Faux Product Review 28: Make Up For Ever High Definition Pressed Powder is better. I still have it but it’s no longer my go-to powder. However, I really don’t think these are for women of color. Don’t learn this lesson the hard way.

Faux Product Review 29: Model In A Bottle was recommended to me via Twitter and I wanted it to work so bad. It smelled terrible, burned and just did not work for me. Once again, oily skin prevails.

Faux Product Review 30: Endless Summer VoxBox was my second favorite VoxBox. I have both Max Factor’s Masterpiece High Precision Liquid Eyeliner and Masterpiece Max Mascara on today.

Faux Product Review 31: Mario Badescu Facial Spray w/ Aloe, Herb & Rosewater is my backup rosewater.

Faux Product Review 32: Vinosource Moisturizing Mattifying Liquid is probably one of the best moisturizers I have ever tried; however, it’s a bit costly for the size of their baby tube.

Faux Product Review 33: Perfect Intensity was a disaster but made for a funny story. It’s also one of those situations where I probably didn’t really follow directions. I am sure the color would’ve been more visible had I bleached my hair but I don’t want to damage it.

Faux Product Review 34: Intensive-C Radiance Peel is another product that I really wanted to work. It even burned a little so I thought it was cooking the oil and blemishes off but there were no real results after finishing the bottle. This is the first Murad product that sucked for me.

Faux Product Review 35: Aloe Vera is the holy grail. Although there are many uses, I apply it as a face mask.

Faux Product Review 36: Pink Gel Coat is my favorite top coat ever and I am awaiting my mom to buy me another bottle. Maybe I will add it to my wishlist so one of you can buy it for me *adds to list*

Faux Product Review 37: Melted Matte is another favorite. Moisturize your lips before applying because this will suck the life out of you. Your lips will look pretty but dry at the same time.

Faux Product Review 38: Broad Spectrum SPF 30 is still my go to sunscreen but I’ve been thinking about trying other sunscreens.

Faux Product Review 39: Sugar Advance Therapy Lip Treatment is my favorite but my gosh, it’s costly. I use this mostly in the winter.

Faux Product Review 40: Sugar Lip Polish is another favorite and I usually buy it every winter; however, I have provided an alternative because not everyone wants to spend 24 bucks for a baby jar of lip scrub.

Faux Product Review 41: Aloe Vera Toner is OK but has been recently replaced because I needed something a bit more aggressive.

Faux Product Review 42: Err Thang Perricone would be my favorite skincare system but I ain’t got it. Not for skincare anyway. I did see drastic improvement but yeah, their cheapest kit is 100 bucks a month so no…

Faux Product Review 43: Lavender is one of my favorite scents, I use it for aromatherapy.

I wanted Faux Product Review 44: Dermalogica Ultracalming Kit to work really badly due to the positive results as a result of the facial. However, I barely finished the kit. Like I’ve mentioned many times, pregnancy has given me acne and extra oily skin so I am not sure if it matters what I use right now but have found cheaper alternatives since dumping this.

Faux Product Review 45: Rock Hard Hardener & Basecoat was a waste. It was going to be impossible for me to follow the steps for optimal results because I LIKE NAIL COLOR. As stated previously, I ditched this and went back to Deborah Lippman’s Hard Rock

Faux Product Review 46: Naturally Dry Antiperspirant has been surprisingly effective. I am still using the same deodorant from this post.

I am on my second tube of Faux Product Review 47: True Complexion BB Cream. I love it but recommend adding a bit of concealer if you suffer from dark marks.

So far so good for Faux Product Review 48: Sacha Buttercup Setting Powder. Warning, do not get this stuff on your clothes, it does stain.

Well, that took forever. And, I’ve bought a boatload of new products over the last few weeks so I hope you’re looking forward to more almost, sort of… kind of reviews. You’re welcome. Read and share my previous blog: The Wedding of the Century

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I forgot how I found out about this. It was likely as a result of researching something else which lead me to YouTube reviews of this product then Amazon and here we are. Description:

Buttercup is a finely-milled, yellow-based setting powder. It is specially recommended for women with medium to deep skin tones. It can be used as an all-over face powder to highlight or set your concealer and foundation. It is a completely flash-friendly finishing powder and does not give off a white cast or turn ashy in bright lighting or photos. It absorbs oil, reduces shine and keeps your face matte for hours. Most women also purchase our flash-friendly Buttercup Compact to keep handy for quick and easy touch ups.

Additional features and details:

  • FLASH FRIENDLY – You never get a white cast or look ashy in bright lighting or photos
  • SPECIALLY RECOMMENDED – with medium to deep skin tones
  • SET – Use as an all-over face powder or to bake/set your highlights and concealer
  • FINELY MILLED – Fills in fine lines and pores for an incredibly smooth finish
  • OIL CONTROL – Absorbs oils, reduces shine and keeps your face matte for hours

Why do you need a setting powder? Setting powder “sets” your makeup to ensure it lasts and reduces shine. Well, that was easy.

So, I’ve been using this to set my BB Cream for a few weeks and have a lovely finish but by the afternoon, I have to reapply pressed powder because I look like a frying pan of grease ready to fry chicken. This could be a result of: (1) being knocked up, (2) sucky primer, (3) sucky finishing spray, (4) sucky skincare routine and or (5) being knocked up.

So do I regret this purchase? No. Should you buy it? I don’t know, why are you asking me? For more, visit Amazon.

Update: In Faux Product Review 47: True Complexion BB Cream, I mentioned that my grandmother was on a search for Fashion Fair and that I was hoping to help her transition but she located ANOTHER Fashion Fair counter at her local mall. My other grandmother fills in her brows with a black pencil *pours out liquor for lost causes*

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Before we start, join our new Facebook group here, subscribe to the newsletter, “like” us on Facebook, and follow on Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest and Bloglovin. Now, to your regularly scheduled post:

I originally blogged about this product nearly two years ago but wanted to reintroduce it because (1) probably no one read it the first time and (2) ChapStick isn’t going to cut it… some of you guys need something stronger. Thanks to my friend Ashley (@msficklin) gifting me a Sephora gift card for my birthday, I was able to buy bulls*** such as the Sugar Advanced Therapy Lip Treatment.

This ultra-hydrating lip treatment corrects and conditions lips for a smooth, youthful-looking finish. It is scientifically proven to repair the lips—significantly boosting moisture, enhancing volume, and improving the definition of the lip area. It is fortified with a high concentration of ultra-nourishing, age-delaying ingredients including hyaluronic spheres to penetrate the skin, fill in wrinkles, and plump the appearance of lips, and sea fennel extract to help smooth fine lines and define the lip area.

While talking about you guys in front of your faces, I neglected to mention that my lips are always super dramatic and dry. I guess the constant use of matte lipstick isn’t helpful but I like to live my life on the edge! #ThugLife As stated during a previous post, I apply it every night and on days I don’t wear any lipstick (which is never). Now hold on to your edges, this retails for 26 bucks! But guess what? In the year and a half I’ve been using it, I’ve only purchased it 3 times (which is every 6 months). Did you like how I broke that down for you? For more info, visit Sephora.

During that same trip, I bought Fineliner Ultra-Skinny Gel Eye Crayon Eyeliner in Cobalt Blue. I’ve already reviewed this product in black so when you read it, imagine it in blue…

I also received a pissy birthday gift that I have yet to try. It’s a travel-size version of Highliner Gel Eye Crayon Eyeliner and Le Marc Lip Creme Lipstick in Kiss Kiss Bang Bang (baked rose).


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I am totally obsessed with rosewater. I talked a little about it’s benefits here but over the last few weeks, I’ve kicked it up a notch. Per the esthetician (Read: Facial @ Ulta), I should use it as a toner more often. Since then, I use after each wash (morning and night), to set my face, to refresh midday but also to hydrate my hair. Of course, this resulted in me running out which is totally cool because I’m a badass that likes to live my life on the edge. I’ll just buy another one, right? So, I travel to Whole Foods Market and it’s sold out but I don’t panic. I then travel to my local organic grocery store and nothing! Then, they had the nerve to ask me if I wanted them to call me when it arrived.

Me: When will it arrive?

Them: Probably in two weeks.

Me: Girl, I can’t wait that long!

I still had a day or two of rosewater so I waited a couple of days and went back to Whole Foods Market and NOTHING! I needed a Plan B and no, it wasn’t me making it. I don’t have that type of time. I then traveled to Ulta to purchase Mario Badescu’s Facial Spray With Aloe, Herb and Rosewater.

A refreshing, hydrating mist to use anywhere anytime. Simply formulated with fragrant herbal extracts and rosewater for a pleasant, pick me up for dehydrated, tight and uncomfortable skin. Spray your day and night creams for a boost of hydration or use it to set make-up or spray on dry hair throughout the day. Safe for all skin types. Gentle, non-irritating.

I really, really didn’t want to buy this. I had so much success with Heritage Rosewater and strongly believe it was because it included the essentials: rose and water. Aloe and Herb isn’t the problem but the other chemicals bothered me; especially, because I would also use this on my hair. But, I had no choice. This is one of the consequences of being so adventurous. In contrast, it’s super affordable. I bought the 4 oz. bottle for 7 bucks (to keep at home) and 2 oz. for 5 bucks (to keep in my purse), then got 3 bucks off as a result of my Ulta points which means I paid less than 10 bucks. For more, visit Ulta.

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I received these products complimentary from Influenster for testing purposes (so don’t come for me unless I send for you).

My second VoxBox was a pleasant surprise. I was like, OMG today totally sucked but my mailbox was like “girl no it doesn’t, you got a bunch of free stuff!” This campaign is entitled “Endless Summer VoxBox” and includes:

Max Factor’s Masterpiece High Precision Liquid Eyeliner and Masterpiece Max Mascara 

The unique paddle-shaped tip draws both a dramatic thick line and an elegant thin line create the look you want. A high-impact volumizing mascara creates bold, smooth, sleek lashes with up to four times your bare-lash volume.

I was most excited about these two, who doesn’t need more eyeliner and mascara? I really liked the eyeliner. The design allowed for a better grip, the application was really easy, the tip looks like that of a marker but the formula is great. I went for the “elegant thin line” opposed to the “dramatic thick line.” My eyes are too small for dramatics.

The mascara was very blah. I liked the bristles and it was a clean application but I didn’t see any visible difference. One may see a difference if they prime their eyelashes then use the mascara but that would defeat the purpose.

Numi Organic Tea in Jasmine Green, Golden Tonic and Chocolate Puerh        

Numi Organic Tea is rooted in the principle of creating a healthful, premium product that  nurtures people and honors that planet. The purest, best-tasting organic tea with no GMOs or “natural” flavorings created in a lab.

My picky eater alert went off with these; as a result, I enlisted the help of our residential tea expert (my Little Brother). Per Little Brother, “it’s OK.”

Not Your Mother’s Way to Grow Leave-In Conditioner          

Way to Grow leave-in conditioner is infused with Procapil, a breakthrough combination of ingredients that’s been clinically proven to help you grow stronger and longer faster. Way to Grow will moisturize, detangle and smooth hair while building the strength you need for beautiful, healthy hair always.

Another product I’m not going to try, I have Sisterlocks and don’t need any moisture to help me “detangle and smooth my hair.” That would effect the locking process…

Seche Viti Mini and Seche Premeir Colour in Cunning  

The award-winning Seche Vite dry fast coat is specifically formulated to penetrate through the nail lacquer of the base coat-forming a strong, durable finish. Leaves nails silky, strong and resistant to chipping and peeling-delivering an ultra gloss shine. This revolutionary lacquer formula provides lasting colour, exceptional shine, and exceptional quality you would expect from the creators. Available exclusively at Sally Beauty in 24 luxurious shades.

You guys already know I like Seche (Read: Faux Product Review 20: Seche Clear Crystal Base Coat and Faux Product Review 12: Seche Dry Fast Top Coat). In contrast, I’m not to fond of the color they gave me. I’m not really into salmon-colored nail polish. I’ll pray on it…

Iron-Tek Essential Protein 

Iron-Trek Essential Protein’s specialized blend of whey proteins come from American grass-fed cows (no growth hormones). Instantized so that it can be easily mixed without a blender and into your favorite beverage. Crafted for everyday and anytime, an essential part of any sports supplement regimen.

Last and definitely least, this stuff was disgusting. I’m not sure if I used too much or if I shouldn’t have used it at all but I I added it to my morning smoothie and threw the whole thing away. Another product I should’ve passed along to our residential protein expert (my Little Brother).

Just a brief recap, I like the Masterpiece High Precision Liquid Eyeliner and the Seche Vite Dry Fast Coat. I’m donating everything else to the Salvation Army…

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