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I ran out of my nude (Read: Finally, My Ideal Nude).  Instead of replacing it, I decided to purchase a dark brown.  One of my favorite Sephora consultants recommended I try one of their new product lines: Black Up.  Black Up is a cosmetics line for women of color founded in 1999 by an African makeup artist.  The collection includes makeup, skincare and makeup tools.  Their prices are pretty normal but may be considered pricey for others.  The Consultant selected their  2 in 1 pencil in Moccaccino Brown for me.


I loved the texture and although it was a new look for me, I was fairly confident with my purchase so I strolled out of Sephora to meet up with my husband.  Me: “What do you think?” Husband: “I think it’s very Halloween chic.”  Me:


As a result, I returned it.  Since Husband is such a beauty expert, I brought him with me. This particular Sephora didn’t have the Black Up collection; therefore, I was unable to exchange it.  I bought BITE’s Frozen Berries Matte Creme Lipstick in Plum instead. Husband thought this color was more “versatile” which is exactly with the Sephora Consultant said 5 seconds before he did…  As we left, Husband said “you should try the brown next month, then you’ll be “Thanksgiving chic.”  >_<

I should also mention that since this is my birthday month (my birthday is October 12th), I received my free gift: NARS mini Velvet Matte Lip Pencil in Cruella and mini Satin Lip in Rikugien.

I am 90% done with the new site: Although I will continue to have a presence on Blogger, it will no longer be my main blog *insert tears here* Till then, you know I need friends so like Pink Gumbeaux on Facebook and follow me on Twitter and Instagram. And, check out my last: Dumblonde.

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Similar to music reviews, I don’t know what I’m doing but here goes.  Interestingly, Lila & Eve is also available “on demand” so I watched it at my apartment opposed to paying $100 at the movie theater (over exaggeration but not really).  Staring Viola Davis and Jennifer Lopez, Lila’s (Viola Davis) son is murdered resulting in her joining a support group of mothers who’ve lost their children to violence.  As a result of meeting Eve (Jennifer Lopez), they concoct a plan to seek revenge on Stephon’s (Lila’s son) murderers.  For more, read here!

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Hey kidos, I’m back!  2014 sucked so bad that I’ve been struggling to outline 2015 goals, lol.  I’m kind of in one of those “why should I even bother” moods but too many monumental things are scheduled for 2015 so I suppose I need to… Read More

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Mercedes Allen Mercedes Allen is a 23-year-old native of Jackson, Mississippi, entrepreneur, blogger and photographer whose passion for helping others and giving advice turned into Sadie Daily. For two years, Sadie Daily has provided a daily dose of inspirational, positive, encouraging, and motivational passages, quotes… Read More