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Source: An African City

I think I’ve threatened you guys twice about an African City (Read: An African City and An African City Pt. II). Well, this past Sunday was their finale and I plan to give you enough info to peak your interest but not enough for you to bypass them (again).

As requested (because they make all of their decisions based on me), there were longer episodes, a longer season and their was growth in their characters as well as the character’s experiences. Subject matters included but were not limited to the pressures of dating and marriage, homosexuality, skin bleaching, sex and abstinence, rape, returnees, careers, the cultural divide between Africans and African Americans, utilities (or lack thereof), and natural hair. Most importantly, let’s take a second to admire the fashion:


Source: An African City


Source: An African City


Source: An African City


Source: An African City


Source: An African City

An African City, how can we shop the clothing, shoes and accessories? Do they ship to the United States? How can I be down? Also, I freaking love that necklace *drools*

Oh and the music was really good too. MaameYaa Boafo (who plays Nana Yaa) even played the lead in Abiah’s Gone which was also featured on the show.

If you blatantly ignored me, watch Season 1. If you’ve completed Phase 1, pass Go, collect $200 and proceed to Season 2. Note: This is a Monopoly reference, you will not be getting $200 from me.

If you’re late to the party, you’re at an advantage. You get to binge watch. I didn’t have that much restraint, I had to watch as soon as I received the email with the newest episode.  And, shout out to An African City for being so engaging. Even the leading ladies joined in on the conversation when we recapped their episodes. But seriously, can you guys tell me where to shop or nah? I’m not opposed to free clothes, accessories, shoes, a pencil… 

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Source: An African City

Source: An African City

Season 2 of An African City premieres tonight.  Briefly, An African City is a web series created by Nicole Amarteifio that follows the lives of five women who confide in each other about their struggling love lives and the difficulties associated with being 21st century women in Africa. It’s deemed the Ghanian version of Sex in the City.

I told you guys that I loved Season 1 and hoped Season 2 brought a longer season and longer episodes.  I also said that beggars can’t be choosers.  Well, it appears that things have changed.  Season 2 is available via download through this site for $19.99 and streams on the web, iPhone, iPad, Roku with the VHX App, AirPlay and Chromecast.

Does this change things for me?  Hell No! Again, for the people in the back!


I don’t want to count your money but I think a lot of us can afford this and should support it. Just in case you didn’t watch Season 1 when I told you to, watch here!

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