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I ran out of Seche Clear Crystal Clear Base Coat which was OK because I needed a new base coat to strengthen my nails. I immediately thought about buying OPI’s Nail Envy ($12 to $17 depending on where it’s bought) or Deborah Lippmann’s Hard Rock ($20) but then I saw Rock Hard Hardener & Basecoat. The name of the company is European Secrets and because I like secrets, the box was cute and it was only 5 bucks, why not?

Base coat and strengthener in one, Toluene and Formaldehyde free and protects dry nails. European Secrets Rock Hard Hardener and Basecoat produces stronger harder thicker nails and can be used alone, as a hardener, or as a basecoat. Creates a moisture shield that protects dry nails. Bonds together a cross-link of fiber proteins. Five times stronger than any other hardener.

I had high hopes for this because I like secrets and the box is cute, remember? However, after using it once a week for 3 weeks, my nails have not improved. They are not strengthened or rock hard hardener. Then, I read the pro tips:

When using as a hardener apply one or two coats daily the first week. As a base coat apply one to two thin coats,and let dry before applying polish.

OK, so its my fault because I didn’t read or follow directions? How come it couldn’t just…work? So, I’m going to give it another try by applying 2 coats when I polish my nails but probably will never apply it daily because I don’t wear my natural nails, ever. Under no circumstances. Never. My nails are always polished with bright color and full of attitude.

Anyway, shop Rock Hard Hardener & Basecoat at Sally. Read and share my previous post: Chewing Gum Season 2 in 5 Minutes or Less

Most importantly, read directions.

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I’ve tried the top coat (Read: Faux Product Review 12: Seche Dry Fast Top Coat) now, the base coat.

Give your nail lacquer a fresh, smooth base using the Crystal Clear Base Coat by Seche Clear. Crystal clear formula glides on smoothly for a sheer, clean look.

It is really hard to review a basecoat. I have healthy nails, take hair, skin and nail supplements, file and buff them weekly and sometimes compliment them: “hey nails, you’re looking fine as hell today.

You may or may not care but this product is NOT free of chemicals and the smell is pretty strong. On the other hand, it’s cheap and does the job. For right now, both the top and base coats are my new go-to. Sorry Deborah Lippmann.

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I first blogged about Incoco three years ago but sucked as a blogger so don’t dig that post up. The appliqués are real nail polish, includes top and base coats, are 3-free and lasts up to 14 days. Incoco is as awesome as described so when I heard about their cheap ass less expensive brand “Coconut Nail Art” for Walmart, I moseyed over to the 4 nearest Walmarts. I didn’t see it at the first Walmart so I went to all of them in my region. Can’t I do anything I set my mind to?

That was several months ago… I tried again in February and finally found success this past Saturday.

Introducing Coconut Nail Art, a fun new line of 100% real nail polish strips by Incoco. Say goodbye to the drying time, smudges and streaks of liquid nail polish, and get effortless nail beauty with Coconut Nail Art. The nail strips are made of 100% real nail polish, and include top, color, and base coats. When you’re ready to try a new color, the manicure can be removed with regular nail polish remover. Made in USA. Sixteen trendy colors and designs are now available in nationwide Walmart stores and at

So, I really didn’t have much to choose from. On one hand, I thought “this stuff is nearly sold out, it must be good.” On the other hand, they must have been bought by 5-year olds because the packaging indicated that a 30-year old woman should not be a willing participate.

Once opened, I realized that there weren’t as many strips as I would’ve received with the regular appliqués. Hell, these aren’t even called appliqués, they are “nail polish strips.” Secondly, it only included a baby file not a file and the little wooden cuticle stick or whatever it is. They were also tiny but I wasn’t scared because I remembered that I was able to gently stretch the appliques; thereby, covering my whole nail bed but…


When I gently tugged, they tore. Exhibit  A: My thumb. If you look closely, the stickers were just too small for my nail beds. But you know what, I’m not going to totally blame Coconut Nail Art. First and foremost, this is not Incoco’s appliques.  It probably wasn’t even produced in the same plant. Secondly, this is for kids…

In less than 24 hours, I removed them and polished my nails pink. You can view a picture of them on my home page, Instagram, Facebook, Twitter… You know, all the social media pages you guys aren’t following, lol. Shop Coconut Nail Art for your daughter and little nieces here or roll up to Walmart where the stock is most likely nonexistent. Yeah, so…

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I’m talking about nail polish… In So Your Manicure Won’t Suck, I told you how to keep your nail polish on.  Now, I’m going to tell you how to take it off.  Specifically, the removal of glitter and gel manicures.

First and foremost, I love glitter nail polish. It’s fancy, lasting, and uplifting.  Yes, nail polish does have the ability to put me in a good mood.  In contrast, it’s really difficult to remove.  Who wants to damage their nail beds by trying to peal and scrub polish off? And, this is what some of you do when trying to remove your gel manicures which is damaging enough.

It is highly unlikely that I will travel to a nail salon to get anything removed. That’s a waste of money. So, what do I do? Here’s what you’ll need:

  1. Acetone (100%). You can find this at your local drug store, grocery store, and beauty supply store.
  2. Aluminum Foil. You’ll need enough to wrap around each of your fingers and or toes. Tear a few extras. You don’t know what you’re doing and may mess up.
  3. Cotton Balls.

First, soak cotton ball with acetone, press against nail then wrap foil around your finger tightly. I can do this easily on my feet and left hand. I usually enlist the help of Husband with my right hand; although, it’s doable. It just takes more time.

If you’re removing glitter, let it soak for 3 to 5 minutes. If you’re removing a gel or even acrylic manicure, leave on 10 to 15 minutes. While waiting, ask yourself “why did I put myself through this?” You could’ve had a regular manicure and would’ve been done removing your nail polish 10 minutes ago… Buff nails and proceed with your life.

Good luck and godspeed.

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Source: Tweexy

Source: Tweexy

Tweexy was the first “Faux Product Review” I had not tried (Read: Faux Product Review 11: Tweexy). First and foremost, I’m hating because I wish I would’ve thought of it first. If not thought of it, possibly invest in it. I got $5 on it (Luniz reference and don’t Google it). Description:

The Original Wearable Nail Polish Bottle Holder. Your polish bottle is inserted into a bowl-shaped receptacle (‘the crown’). The crown fits all bottles, regardless of their size or shape and holds it securely. There’s a gripping feature at the bottom of the crown so your bottle will hold tightly. Open your polish with one hand simply by applying downward pressure on the bottle while twisting the cap. Tweexy has two rubber wings built into the form (we call them ‘squeeze-tabs’) that pull open the finger rings. We did this so you can move it from hand to hand with wet nails.

Against my better judgement, I ordered it and in pink (duh, don’t you know the title of this blog). Packaging (OK), Tweexy (ugly in person) but does it work? Let me paint a picture for you: I sit on the carpet of my living room, my back is pressed against the wall and I lift my knees up, bend over and polish my toenails. I’ve been polishing my nails like this for years. It’s a bit acrobatic but it works for me. I put Tweexy on my left hand, insert the nail polish bottle, place my hands on my thighs then proceed to polish my fingernails. My thoughts:

This bottle feels too heavy for this contraption.”

OMG, the nail polish is going to spill out.”

F*** this!”

I pulled it off and continued polishing my nails as usual. I do want to point out that I may have been unsuccessful because I didn’t have my hands lying flat. As previously stated, I polish my nails on my thighs, at a slant. I will try again at a desk or table.  That way, I won’t feel like the nail polish will flip out; thereby, ruining the carpet and me not receiving my rent deposit back. I wants my money.

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