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Last night, I attended the first installment of Greater Jackson Arts Council’s “Creative Empowerment.” Their first speaker: Luvvie Ajayi *screams*

Source: GJAC

Source: GJAC

To be quite honest, I had no idea what this event was about. Is this part of her book tour? Is this a club appearance? Is she going to give us one of those TED Talk-like speeches? Is she going to drive pass Duling Hall and toss her book at our heads? It really didn’t matter, she is the definition of blogger goals. Not only was I going but I went VIP (which included a itty bitty but delicious lemonade cocktail, appetizers, and an autographed copy of her book “I’m Judging You: The Do Better Manual“).

Nice set, right?

DJ Java

VIP, tricks!

I spent weeks thinking about an awesome, life-changing question I could ask her. And when I got the chance to finally meet her, I had nothing. But, I got a selfie. That’s sufficient, right?

That’s my name!

We’re basically, almost best friends now!

I sat on the front row (where people of my stature sit but mostly because I paid for a VIP ticket). Because I’m a bit neurotic, I brought a notebook to take notes. I didn’t want to miss a thing!

Luvvie and Fanta

Although I saw a card that advertised her lecture as “Get Smart About Social Media: How to Maintain a Clean Online Reputation” that’s not really what she lectured about and I’m glad. So what exactly did she talk about? If you were there, you would know. Ultimately, the purpose of her lecture was to let her readers (aka Luv Nation) know that she is not an overnight success, more like a 14-year success. She gave us a very detailed timeline of events which started with her friends encouraging her to start a blog in undergrad. Throughout school and a career she loathe, she consistently blogged which ultimately lead to opportunities such as being on the red carpet at the Oscars, Black Women in Hollywood Brunch, moderating panels for the White House, becoming a NYTimes Best-Selling Author and then having that best-seller turned into a series! After her lecture, locals joined her for “Awesomely Hot Topics”

Panelists: Donna Ladd, Maisie Brown, Jon Salem and Pam Junior. Moderated by Joy Redmond. Fanta made the shot again.

Errr, I do like that locals were included but didn’t necessarily kind of sort but not really think it was necessary *Kanye shrug* I came to see Luvvie and thought she would’ve done a better job. After all, that’s really what’s she’s known for. Lastly, was a super good question and answer segment.

On Writing: She didn’t consider herself a writer because it wasn’t something she saw in her environment. She also told us not to spend all day editing. “Perfect is the enemy of progress.”- Luvvie

On Fear and Failure: Fear of failure can push us to greatness but if we think things aren’t working out, we should have a plan. She got what she thought was her dream job and quit on the first day. That must’ve felt glorious. However, she had her parents as a safety net which a lot of us don’t have. As a result, she emphasized “stacking paper” and “aggressively saving.”

On Mississippi and Brain Drain: Our geography doesn’t matter because social media provides a global platform. She talked about having friends all over the world, thanks to social media.

On How to Be Successful: Surround yourself with the right people. She listed 3 types of leaders: Visionary, Builders and Sustainers. If you’re a visionary, surround yourself with builders and sustainers and vice versa. She also talked about personal investments such as getting a lawyer. She stressed it so much that I thought about retaining one while she was speaking. I do have a lot of attorney friends so I guess it’s time to have that “how much would you charge for 20 minutes” conversation.

The moderator put Rita B. (Read: Condoms, Comedy & Husband’s Bruised Ego) on the spot. She wanted her to discuss how surrounding herself with the right people advanced her career. In that same conversation, Luvvie told Rita that she was already receiving the signs she needed but that she didn’t take herself seriously, that she needed to get her social media accounts verified, and that she would talk to her after the show. What now?! You’re going to talk to her after the show and give her advice?*screams*

On the Impostor Syndrome: She has suffered from the Impostor Syndrome but often analyzes her way out of it, she didn’t get where she is by accident. She told us to be grateful that we are in the room, people who are far less talented are often in the room and never question themselves and that if enough people tell you that you’re gifted, believe them.

The best advice: She’s always done what she felt like doing, lived in her truth, payed attention to only what she was doing and did what she loved. Overall, it was an awesome and affirming event. I guess I really didn’t need to ask her any questions because she answered everything I thought about asking. I know a lot of us bloggers and creatives have the same insecurities and wonder if it’s worth it. I guess we can stick it out a little longer, right?

Bravo to Greater Jackson Arts Council! It was a really good launch to the Creative Empowerment Series and I look forward to the next lecturer!

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Source: Ashleigh Guice

Source: Ashleigh Guice

I had the pleasure of reading and reviewing “How to X Your Ex: A Guide to Getting Past Unhealthy Relationships” by my blogstie Ashleigh Guice of Single Woman Chronicles (who has also guest blogged here. Read: 5 Reasons to Be Totally Jealous of Your Single Friends). About the book:

Ashleigh Guice, the founder and editor of, shows you how to kick your ex to the curb and never look back. She explains how not contacting your ex is your saving grace and how writing a “Letter to Your Ex” could prevent you from relapsing. She explains why you don’t need closure to move on and how forgiveness can lighten your emotional baggage. Stop asking yourself, “Why do I keep putting myself through this?” and start X’ing your ex!

This book is categorized into the phases necessarily to ditch your ex, tips and personal stories. While reading the book, there were numerous times I exclaimed:


“Girl, no he didn’t!”

“Don’t trust him!”

“Yep, she’s right!”

But my absolute favorite thing about the book is that IT’S ONLY 49 PAGES! Guys, this is important because it proves books don’t need to be long to prove a point! A lot of us have s*** to do and don’t have years to read your freaking book! I’m talking to you Damon John *stares*

So, I know some of you may be thinking: “what’s a girl like you doing, reading a book like this?” I’m married and a semi, but not really relationship expert. At first glance, I would agree. However, subject matters such as expectations, forgiveness, signs and closure applies to everyone. I didn’t have the experiences Ashleigh talked about, I guess being selfish and holding grudges has it’s benefits. However, it’s not about me (this time) it’s about you and I can sense that a lot of you would benefit from the intended purpose of this book.


Win Kindle Copy of How to X Your Ex or you could always just buy the book here. Read and share my previous post: Faux Product Review 41: Aloe Vera Toner

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Source: Amazon

Source: Amazon

I know what you’re thinking. “What is Jackson, Mississippi,” “I thought Jackson was in Florida” and “I didn’t know Jackson, Mississippi had 100 things to do.”

I arrived in Jackson at the age of 17, 13 years ago. My biggest gripe: Nothing to do; especially, in comparison to my life in New Orleans. Note: I had to add “in comparison to New Orleans” because I could feel the grunts of hardcore Jacksonians who say there is plenty to do. And we have proof, thanks to Natalie West. Book description:

It s not hard to see why Jackson is called The City with Soul. Its depth and diversity permeate its art, music, history, food, fashion and even the passion of its sports fans. 100 Things To Do in Jackson, MS Before You Die is a tour guide everyone can use to experience the heart and soul of Mississippi’s capital city. A blend of geek, urban, indie and alternative cultures influences shopping, events, galleries, concerts and nightlife throughout Jackson. Natural parks and abundant green space ensure the beauty of nature is never far away, even in the heart of the city. Native American, Civil War and Civil Rights history sites tell the story of its roots. Established arts districts like Fondren and Midtown along with up-and-coming neighborhoods in Downtown and west Jackson showcase the talent of the city’s future. And the food. So much incredible food. 100 Things To Do in Jackson, MS Before You Die is divided into five categories: Food & Drink, Music & Entertainment, Sports & Recreation, Culture & History, Shopping & Fashion. Each section includes insider info and tips to help visitors and residents make the most of everything Jackson has to offer.

So what are these 100 things? The book is divided into categories (food and drink, music and entertainment, sports and recreation, culture and history, and shopping and fashion) includes photos, tips and facts as well as an itinerary. This book is great for not only tourists, residents and semi-residents (such as myself) but those who may be reluctant to visit Jackson *stares at Mom* And, word on the street (aka the author told me so), there may be a contest for the people who do the most “things” in a year. May the odds be ever in your favor.

Buy the book here, stay abreast of events here, and read and share my previous post: Thank You and Goodnight: Top Posts of 2016

You’re welcome.

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Around the same time I started reading The Law of Attraction, I bought this journal:

Complain less, appreciate more, and become happier with The Five Minute Journal. Built from leading positive psychology research, The Five Minute Journal is a simple guided journal that focuses your attention on the good in your life. It takes just 5 minutes a day and features daily inspiring quotes.

Interestingly, you don’t start journaling right away. The first 50 or so pages explains why you’ll love the journal and how it works, basic principles, the morning and night routines, weekly challenges, commitment, solutions THEN the journal.


My journal arrived Saturday; therefore, my first entry was during the night routine. Because I read a host of reviews before purchasing, I found out that some people complete the entries as a family so I’ve been doing mine with Husband. For example:

Some of the things we’ve been grateful for: Donuts, our bed and good sleep, and my Beetle

Things that would make our day great: Productivity during and after work

Daily affirmations: Being an unlimited being, a successful blogger, architect and financially stable

Amazing things that happened: Being productive, spending quality time, and dancing and singing around the apartment

How could the day have gone better: Not eating pizza from a new restaurant we tried (because it hurt my tummy), exercising, and drinking more water

This is a great way to start the day, it makes me feel more energized and motivated. We even enjoy the motivational quotes but most of all, it doesn’t really take five minutes to complete. Maybe it’s because we are smart…

Of course, you could write this stuff in your own rinky-dink journal but I doubt you’ll do it. I can smell your lack of consistency from here. Shop the journal here or via Amazon here. I was also checking out their Productivity Planner but I need them to add a calendar. When you guys do that, let me know.

You’re welcome.

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