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Source: Tom’s of Maine

My name is Ashlee and I am a sweater. I sweat in the winter, I sweat in the summer and I sweat when I’m nervous. Sometimes, I sweat in my sleep. Everyone has their cross to bear, mine happens to be sweaty which means despite the many claims that deodorant is harmful, I need to wear it or bring a floaty to ride the perspiration river.

So, what’s the alternative? Some people are lucky enough to ditch deodorant completely but for the rest of us in the real world, there are a host of safer options. I selected Tom’s of Maine’s Naturally Dry (if you couldn’t tell by the above photo).

Tom’s of Maine Naturally Dry antiperspirant sticks provide clinically proven 24-hour wetness and odor protection made entirely from ingredients derived from plants and minerals that meet our stewardship model for safe, effective and natural. Naturally Dry AP contains a wetness protection ingredient made from recycled aluminum (which was originally derived from natural mineral bauxite ore). The product also contains anti-microbial olive leaf extract, 100% natural fragrance and is free of artificial preservatives and animal ingredients, just like all our products.

So far, so good. I haven’t experienced sweaty pits; despite, only using it for a week or so. Also, this deodorant is half the price of what I usually pay for deodorant. In contrast, this deodorant is probably not at the top of a tree hugger’s list but if it’s good enough to be sold at Whole Foods, it’s good enough for me.

Whew, who knew deodorant was so important? For more information, ingredients and reviews, visit Tom’s of Maine. Read and share my previous post: The Story of My First & Last Canoe Trip




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Lavender is a flower with a host of healing properties and is often used as aromatherapy. Other benefits include but are not limited to treating stress, anxiety, restlessness, insomnia and depression, alleviates upset stomach, loss of appetite, nausea and vomiting, treats headaches and toothaches, restores skin, reduces acne, eczema and psoriasis, slows the aging of skin, heals burns, and treats hair loss.

Although I am slightly obsessed with lavender, I barely use it for the above reasons *shoulder shrug* So, how do I use lavender? I’m glad you asked.

After, I feel like the queen I think I am in my head. It’s like I have a spa, but at home that I can use everyday. Are you peanut butter and jelly? Do you use lavender and how? Comment below!

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Sugar Advance Therapy Lip Treatment is great and all but let’s be real, some of us need something a bit… stronger. Advanced, if you will. Particularly, those of us suffering from dry, cracked and peeling lips. Just last week, I had an eczema outbreak and guess where it happened? My lips! Moment of silence.

To speed up the healing process and get my lips back to being awesome, I applied Sugar Lip Polish:

This unique formula is enriched with real brown sugar crystals to gently buff away dry flakes as it exfoliates and conditions for a smooth finish. The formula nourishes lips with quick-absorbing meadowfoam seed, jojoba seed, and grapeseed oils, while shea butter provides long-lasting moisture. Lips are left smooth, protected, and hydrated.

So, I usually apply while in the shower, leave on for a few minutes, remove with a warm towel, apply Sugar Advance Therapy Lip Treatment, then blow a kiss to myself in the mirror. Anyway… Sugar Lip Polish retails for 24 bucks and for only 0.6 oz *runs and hide* For more, visit Sephora.

But wait, there’s more! *whispers* mix brown sugar with coconut oil or shea butter and you’ll likely experience the same results. You’re welcome.

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Step 1: Leave them alone.

Step 2: Watch them grow.

It was that simple for me. Like many others, I got in the habit of overarching my brows and then drawing them into perfection. Then, one day it dawned on me that it made absolutely no sense. I should just grow them out and shape them.

I didn’t buy any special gel or serum (surprisingly). And, it wasn’t an ugly experience because I plucked a few hairs right under the arch and still used a brow pencil to create the brows I wanted. The brows I deserve.

It’s been 3 weeks and I now realize why I used to remove so much of my brow. My hairs are curly, thick, my brows are shaped weirdly, the right and the left look completely different, they twerk, throw tantrums, etc. but I just let them fly. I still use a brow pencil to attempt to get them in line but if you look closely (like Kim did yesterday), you’ll see my hairs fighting each other.


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Yesterday, I scheduled a last minute appointment at Ulta for a facial. I’ve been wanting a facial for a while, figured they could squeeze me in, and knew I could find a coupon (which I did for 30% off). I selected the cheapest one:

Dermalogica MicroZone Express Skin Treatments

Maintain your best skin ever with the 20-minute session designed to solve your top skin concerns – a must in between full service.

GLOW – Flash exfoliates to reveal healthy, glowing skin.
REPAIR – Instantly reduces visible signs of aging skin.
CLEAR – Rapidly treats blackheads and breakouts.

I arrived 10 minutes early but my facial started 15 minutes late. I let it slide. Once inside the facial room or whatever it’s called, I completed a form regarding my skincare routine then we chatted about my answers. Of course, my skincare routine is nearly perfect.

I’m not exactly sure what she she used, what she did or how she did it. We were busy talking skincare, local politics and if she should relocate to Chicago with her boyfriend. Note: She totally should since her sister and cousin also want to relocate. And, she’ll likely make more money there. 

Any way, the facial was super relaxing to say it was 20 minutes and 20 bucks. She did extract 3 blackheads, told me I should start toning (which I do but not consistently), that I exfoliate too often and should minimize it to 2 times a week which is probably why my skin was a bit dull, that I should use a face mask after each exfoliation (which I never knew) and that I should switch to a hard wax opposed to a soft wax (hard wax would do a better job at grabbing and removing my beard). I could see a difference immediately following. There was a glow, my face looked clearer and a shade lighter. This morning, it looked even better.

I’ll be seeing her in a month when we’ll work on specific issues such as the annoying blackheads and dark marks. For more information on their services, visit Ulta.

You’re welcome.

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