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Pink Gumbeaux’s review of 365 Inspirations for the Soul of the Side-Hustler and the Entrepreneur.

I’ve decided to be more productive with my late nights and early mornings by reading my backlog of books. Translation: I’ve run out of movies to watch and shows to binge. Instead of judging me, read the description of the book:

365 Inspirations for the Soul of the Side-Hustler and the Entrepreneur is an essential source of encouragement for today’s side-hustler and entrepreneur living in a 140 character digital world. Before you embark on a journey as an entrepreneur, you rarely consider the emotional trials that are sure to come, specifically: the Optimistic Phase, the Cautious Phase, the Discouraged Phase, and the Enthusiastic Phase. Finally, a book that provides you with a year’s supply of encouragement to accompany the four phases of entrepreneurship, including plenty of absolutely tweetable and Instagrammable quotes. It’s often hard to explain your plans, express your frustrations, or share your dreams with family and friends. We get it, that’s why each entry was inspired by the rollercoaster ride that is an entrepreneur’s lifestyle. Whether you’re on a high basking in your success, or daydreaming of what you would do if you could just escape your nine-to-five, these carefully crafted pages are filled with words that speak to the ambitions of each and every side-hustler and the aspirations of every entrepreneur. It will help you reenergize the confidence you need to develop a strategy, execute a game plan, and be bold enough to sell yourself or your product to potential followers and fans.

Well, that was a long-ass description. I’m fairly certain that you were able to conclude that this book should be read on a daily basis. Easy enough, right? Well, I didn’t exactly follow directions. Surprise, surprise. But, I have a really good excuse! So, I prefer to buy books digitally (because I’ve run out of book space in my apartment and digital books are cheaper), started reading this book over a year ago, forgot it existed, then remembered and would read several pages at a time, forgot it again then remembered a few days ago, and finished the last half of the book. As a result, I recommend buying the paperback version and placing it somewhere visible so you can remember to read your “inspiration” for the day.

Favorite inspirations:

“A free mind breaks through invisible barriers, a closed mind stops at roadblocks.”

“Success does not depend on what you know, it solely relies on how you use what you know.”

“If you think that nobody cares what you’re doing, remember there is always one person you don’t know rooting for you.”

“ Sometimes you have to write down your own lifetime achievements and award yourself for your accomplishments thus far.”

Speaking of inspirations, they are super motivational and some even rhyme. I was like “OK Ahyiana, you are giving me mixtape vibes” but I digress. Although women are the target market, men could totally benefit. Seeing the word “her” or “women” a few times shouldn’t scare you *stares* Anywho, this is a cool book but I bet it would’ve been more effective as a planner, calendar or app with automated “inspirations” to your phone every morning. Ahyiana girl, you’re welcome for the free advice. I mean, we are practically bffs since I now follow her on Goodreads. Anyway…

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