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2017’S TOP 10 POST

10. “Jackson Indie Music Week-ish

I don’t know if it has anything to do with me being a transplant but I think there are at least 2 groups of Jacksonians: The ones completely entrenched in the scene, experiencing their best Jackson and the ones who may be a little apprehensive and need more information before buy-in. Nonetheless, this posts is a start; although, I wish I could’ve attended all events. Due to having a newborn and not feeling like catching the flu, it is highly unlikely that I will attend this year but miracles happen every day, right?

9. “Storytime 2: Dad, That’s Not a Limousine

Husband has some funny stories and I thought this one was perfect for prom season (although I doubt anyone of prom age is reading this blog).

8. “Baby Gumbeaux Turns 1 Month Old

The popularity of this post is likely because inquiring minds want to know how long before Baby Gumbeaux starts showing personality, how I’m coping with motherhood and nosy family members wanting to know what this blog is about.

7. “2 Years of Marriage

Announcing my marriage was one of the most popular posts in this blog’s history. It’s also when Husband told me that I should stop trying to make fetch happen and to blog more about my life.

6. “Shit Husbands Say to their Pregnant Wives

I don’t know why you find anything Husband has to say interesting.

5. “A Review of Get Out

It looks like you guys love spoilers or you wanted me to do all the dirty work before you determined if it was worth seeing.

4. “100 Things to do in Jackson, MS Before You Die

The popularity of this post is likely because locals didn’t know there were 100 things to do. For those of you who aren’t local, you were wondering “what’s Jackson, MS? Well, I guess I’ll read to find out.”

3. “The Awesomely Review

Luvvie came to Jackson and preached a word. Although I wish I wasn’t busy taking notes, I’m glad I documented her lecture and can reference it from time to time. Why was this post popular? Because I tagged her and she retweeted it *screams*

2. “The Final Trimester & Arrival of Baby Gumbeaux

The post you all have been waiting for. Not so much of me bitching about my pregnancy but more of me bitching about giving birth (due to being pregnant the same length of time as giraffes).

1. “Condoms, Comedy & Husband’s Bruised Ego

Another local event makes the list; however, Rita B has somewhat evolved from a local comedian. She’s appeared on “The Ricky Smiley Morning Show” and most recently “Kevin Hart Presents: Hart of the City.”

Next year, include reading, sharing and following Pink Gumbeaux in your New Year’s Resolutions. Ashlee, out!





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