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Fun fact: I dislike more people than I like. Who’s surprised? Anyone? Anyone? No? The reasons vary but family and friends know it doesn’t take much. Too friendly, too touchy, too talkative, too nosy, complains too much, self-absorbed, shady, fake, sits too close to me, wears too much perfume and or cologne, etc.

Sometimes, it’s easy to cope with but there has to be a small part of you that would like to ruin their day just a little. I’m glad you agree. Below, is a quick list of anonymous pranks:

1. The OG Glitter Bomb– $9.99

Pay us money, provide an address anywhere in the world & we’ll send your recipient so much glitter in an envelope that they’ll be finding it everywhere for weeks. We’ll also include a note telling the person exactly why they’re receiving this terrible gift. Hint: the glitter will be mixed in with the note thus increasing maximum spillage.

During my Dad’s last birthday, I did a bootleg version of this by filling his card up with red glitter. It was too much, made the card too thick; as a result, he opened the card outside. I should’ve left it to the professionals.

2. A Bag of D****– $12.99

Anonymously ship someone a bag of gummy dicks. We’ll include a note saying “Eat a bag of dicks!” A tasty prank, that will leave a lasting impression. Buyer and Recipient must be 18+ This is a gag gift, don’t send with the intention of harassing somone.

Nothing says you’re being a dick like receiving a bag of dicks but is it an insult if it’s penis-shaped gummy bears? Who doesn’t like gummy bears?

3. Troll Cakes– $30- $60

Troll Cakes takes internet comments, make it into a cake and then box it up and mail it to the troll who said it. The box includes a copy of their original comment.

I really really want one of these. Unfortunately, I am no troll but am sure to have a few passive-aggressive tweets. Oh, maybe someone can get one made for my baby shower… *contacts Godmother Gumbeaux*

4. Shitexpress– $16.95

Choose an animal (various animals have different types of excrement), give us an address (we deliver packages to ALL COUNTRIES in the world, directly to the recipient), pick a sticker, and pay and stay anonymous.

Ok, this one is super awesome and should probably be reserved for people you really hate. There are several people I wish I could send this to right now but being that I… kind of listed it in this post, it would no longer be anonymous. Phooey.

5. Bird by Mail– $5- $6

We specialize in designing one of a kind Middle Finger Novelty Products.

If you have the cash to blow, send a middle finger to your frenemy anonymously; although, you could probably print a ton and mail them for free through your employer’s mail office.

BONUS: Spam! For the people who don’t have the money but have the time to be petty, obtain enemy’s email address and sign them up for random spam.  Need spam ideas? Sign them up for contests they will never win, female and male enhancement trials, weight loss, debt reduction, credit checks and financial tips, recommend them to one of those Nigerian millionaire scammers, and porn 🙂

May the odds be ever in your petty favor.

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