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As stated during The First Trimester, I’ve been experiencing shanked-like pain since I’ve been pregnant. According to my OBGYN (who I’m supposed to be able to trust), it was round ligament pain as a result of a growing Baby Gumbeaux and the expansion of Baby Gumbeaux’s condo. The pain would come and go, happen whenever I made sudden movements and last for a couple of hours but the pain returned on Sunday. It was more intense and invited my legs and back to join the fun. By Tuesday, I was at my OBGYN office. During the sonogram, Baby Gumbeaux was pictured bouncing and kicking me. Totally unbothered and lacking empathy which means Baby Gumbeaux is already displaying the same traits as me. Through the pain, I could not have been prouder.

The pain was as a result of degenerating fibroids. According to the Fibroid Treatment Collective:

Fibroids are noncancerous tumors that grow on or in the muscular walls of the uterus. If the fibroids aggressively grow, they can degenerate, causing significant pain to the patient. They are living tissue, requiring oxygen and nutrients to survive and grow, supplied by blood vessels in an around the uterus. When fibroids become too large, the blood vessels supplying the blood are no longer able to provide enough sustenance to meet the needs of the fibroid. When this happens, the cells of the fibroid begin to die in a process called degeneration.

Scary, right? That’s nothing compared to the list of complications which include but are not limited to the cute stuff like abdominal pain, vaginal bleeding, frequent urination and constipation to the scary stuff like miscarriage, premature delivery and infertility. In contrast, the doctor that I am supposed to trust predicted that I shouldn’t spend my entire pregnancy in pain. I was prescribed pain medication for 3 days then took a couple of days off. The medication didn’t work and with the pain, I didn’t get much rest.

Today, is the first day I don’t feel like I’ve been shanked so maybe my doctor was right. I have another appointment later this week and am expecting demanding better news. Besides learning about how much pregnancy sucks, I hope you take a moment to learn about your family’s health history. Had I never been informed of the fibroids, I never would’ve went on my pity party tour and learned that women on both sides of my family have suffered from fibroids. This makes them 100% responsible for this. Yep, this is all of your faults.

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  1. AdultingintheCity

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    The miracle of incubation and childbirth. They say motherhood is a fraternity/sorority. I assume pregnancy is the hazing, Follow PINK GUMBEAUX

  2. Ah. I was looking forward to another humorous post but it sounds like shit got real. There is so much focus on looking sexy/milfy, snapping back and “the glow”. Although I’m nowhere near creating a life within my body, I appreciate hearing the not so glamorous side of pregnancy.

    I wish you no shank pains in the future. And Baby G, keep partying on. I hope this summer isn’t too long and hot for you two! xo

    • Thanks so much and yes, I was like where is this fun pregnancy you speak of? Lol. I think it’s taboo to complain or tell the truth. In contrast, I have a nice rack so that’s a positive. Lol



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