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I forgot how I found out about this. It was likely as a result of researching something else which lead me to YouTube reviews of this product then Amazon and here we are. Description:

Buttercup is a finely-milled, yellow-based setting powder. It is specially recommended for women with medium to deep skin tones. It can be used as an all-over face powder to highlight or set your concealer and foundation. It is a completely flash-friendly finishing powder and does not give off a white cast or turn ashy in bright lighting or photos. It absorbs oil, reduces shine and keeps your face matte for hours. Most women also purchase our flash-friendly Buttercup Compact to keep handy for quick and easy touch ups.

Additional features and details:

  • FLASH FRIENDLY – You never get a white cast or look ashy in bright lighting or photos
  • SPECIALLY RECOMMENDED – with medium to deep skin tones
  • SET – Use as an all-over face powder or to bake/set your highlights and concealer
  • FINELY MILLED – Fills in fine lines and pores for an incredibly smooth finish
  • OIL CONTROL – Absorbs oils, reduces shine and keeps your face matte for hours

Why do you need a setting powder? Setting powder “sets” your makeup to ensure it lasts and reduces shine. Well, that was easy.

So, I’ve been using this to set my BB Cream for a few weeks and have a lovely finish but by the afternoon, I have to reapply pressed powder because I look like a frying pan of grease ready to fry chicken. This could be a result of: (1) being knocked up, (2) sucky primer, (3) sucky finishing spray, (4) sucky skincare routine and or (5) being knocked up.

So do I regret this purchase? No. Should you buy it? I don’t know, why are you asking me? For more, visit Amazon.

Update: In Faux Product Review 47: True Complexion BB Cream, I mentioned that my grandmother was on a search for Fashion Fair and that I was hoping to help her transition but she located ANOTHER Fashion Fair counter at her local mall. My other grandmother fills in her brows with a black pencil *pours out liquor for lost causes*

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