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Note: White sisters (and brothers), stick this out with me. While this product is not for you, the rant is applicable to everyone. 

While shopping at CVS for beauty products I didn’t need, I came across BB Cream. Eveything around me stopped. A light shined upon all of the BB Creams then I heard a voice say “buy it.” Is that you makeup god?

Makeup god talking to you is awesome but what is BB Cream? 

BB Cream (also known as beauty or blemish balm) hydrates, corrects, protects, conceals, moisturizes, primes and sometimes contains tent or foundation. Basically, it’s all your makeup needs in one. Surprisingly, I didn’t find my color (sarcasm) so I had to go back in time to 1955 to the colored section and came across Black Radiance’s True Complexion BB Cream:

This multi-purpose skin perfector evens and refines darker complexions with 10 skin care benefits for natural looking radiance. Exclusively formulated to enhance ethnic skin tones, the lightweight, oil-free beauty balm moisturizes, conceals, primes, smoothes and minimizes shine with blendable, sheer color and lasting SPF 15 protection. Apply liberally 15 minutes before sun exposure, reapply at least every 2 hours and use a water resistant sunscreen if swimming or sweating.

Oh, I would also like to add that you should consult a doctor for children under 6 months. Babies are so vain these days, what do they need BB Cream for? Anyway, of the 5 colors I selected “Chocolate.” It’s slightly darker than my skin tone but not very noticeable.

There were a host of good reviews, this seems to be one of the most underrated products. I got really good coverage which was shocking to me. To cover dark marks, I layer BB Cream or mix in a little concealer. In contrast, I am more oily than usual as a result of being knocked up. There is no need for me to reapply “every 2 hours” because ain’t nobody got time for that but it requires me to do everything I can to minimize oil and the application of pressed powder and rosewater midday.

Side note: My face produces enough oil to moisturize at least 5 ashy middle school-aged kids. Screw you “pregnancy glow!” 

Of course, I recommend this! First and foremost, it’s super affordable and can be found everywhere including the year of 1955. I even suggested it to my mom, friends and the grandmother who still uses Fashion Fair. Like, where is she even buying it? She probably has to buy it on AARP’s black market. Anyway, read and share what has grown to be this year’s most popular post: Hell Has Frozen Over, Pigs Are Flying & I’m Pregnant



  1. not 5 ashy middle school-aged kids tho…lol…love this
    i want to try this, i have NEVER tried a BB cream, so why not start with one from black radiance? thanks hun


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