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My dad assured me that if I got my driver’s license before prom that I could drive his Cadillac to prom. How excited was I? I studied and took practice tests in preparation for the exam. Of course, I passed and was excited to tell my dad. “Dad, dad, I passed the exam! I passed my driver license test!” My dad told me he was proud of me. I told him that I was so grateful that he was going to let me drive his Cadillac to prom. Then, my dad said “you’re not driving my car.” I said “buuuttt you said if I got my license, you’ll let me drive your car.” Then he told me he didn’t think I was ready for that type of responsibility but that he would do me one better. He told me that he would get a limo for me and “my little prom date.” I was like “a limo, for real? Dad, you’re the best!” I was bummed that I wouldn’t be able to drive the Cadillac but was like man, I get to arrive in a limo! This is going to be so great.

Its prom night, I’m getting dressed and anxiously waiting for my limo to arrive. My dad comes to my bedroom and informs me that my limo is outside. I walk outside, look around then come back and say “I don’t know dad, I didn’t see a limo but think there is a funeral going on down the street. Do you think the limo driver got lost?” He’s like no, that’s your limo. I was thinking “but that’s a funeral car.”

It has 6 doors.

It’s sky blue.

Then, he informs me that the driver is going to be with me all night so that I can take my time. I was like, “I understand and appreciate that but that is not a limousine, they still got funeral programs in the back.” I had two choices: 1. Take the funeral car or 2. Ask my date to pick me up and we get dropped off at prom. So, I got in the back of the funeral car and the driver attempts small talk with me. In my mind, I just want him to drive this hearse, pick up this girl and drop us off and take us home so I can forget about this day for the rest of my life.

We pick my date up, she says nothing. I could only imagine the thoughts running through her mind like “where the funeral at?” or “I know he did not pick me up in a funeral car.” We arrive at prom, dance and take pictures. Traditionally, people go out to eat after prom but there was no way I was rolling up to a restaurant in a funeral car. She felt the same way so I dropped her off and the nice funeral car driver man dropped me off. He was a great driver, I give him that. The way he turned those corners… He told me he hoped I had a good time; I walked inside, went to my room and cried. No, I didn’t actually cry but my dad ruined my prom and life.

It still hurts.

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