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Source: Tom’s of Maine

My name is Ashlee and I am a sweater. I sweat in the winter, I sweat in the summer and I sweat when I’m nervous. Sometimes, I sweat in my sleep. Everyone has their cross to bear, mine happens to be sweaty which means despite the many claims that deodorant is harmful, I need to wear it or bring a floaty to ride the perspiration river.

So, what’s the alternative? Some people are lucky enough to ditch deodorant completely but for the rest of us in the real world, there are a host of safer options. I selected Tom’s of Maine’s Naturally Dry (if you couldn’t tell by the above photo).

Tom’s of Maine Naturally Dry antiperspirant sticks provide clinically proven 24-hour wetness and odor protection made entirely from ingredients derived from plants and minerals that meet our stewardship model for safe, effective and natural. Naturally Dry AP contains a wetness protection ingredient made from recycled aluminum (which was originally derived from natural mineral bauxite ore). The product also contains anti-microbial olive leaf extract, 100% natural fragrance and is free of artificial preservatives and animal ingredients, just like all our products.

So far, so good. I haven’t experienced sweaty pits; despite, only using it for a week or so. Also, this deodorant is half the price of what I usually pay for deodorant. In contrast, this deodorant is probably not at the top of a tree hugger’s list but if it’s good enough to be sold at Whole Foods, it’s good enough for me.

Whew, who knew deodorant was so important? For more information, ingredients and reviews, visit Tom’s of Maine. Read and share my previous post: The Story of My First & Last Canoe Trip






  1. I read today that you can you use a slice of refrigerated lime to fight odor.. I always wonder where these people live? Do they work out? Do they have emotions? Then I’m like, maybe I should try it for myself. Not sure how well it’ll work for perspiration tho. Thanks for the review 😉


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