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Season 2 of Chewing Gum has finally arrived to Netflix; although, I received several YouTube links of season 2 a month ago, I decided to wait with the rest of you commoners. A description for the bland potato salads that don’t know or watch this show:

Tracey’s back for a second season in Tower Hamlets. And she still doesn’t know what she’s doing when it comes to sex and relationships.

Watch the trailer here.

SPOILER ALERT! I am telling it all. Well not all, just maybe 91% of it.

This season contains a lot of sex and sex-adjacent activities. I’m not surprised that Tracey is a virgin at the start of the season, she was homeless the last time we saw her but a dirty homeless shelter did not stop her from trying to have sex with Conner. It was a mess (literally and figuratively) and ultimately resulted in the demise of their relationship. Speaking of Conner, he moved on faster than we all expected with a financially-stable hag that could benefit from a dental appointment or two.

The real MVP and a character that is completely slept on is Tracey’s younger sister. Cynthia reminds me of myself whenever it’s time to interact with other humans. She too became determined to find a man and loose her virginity. Too bad he turned out to be a thief (he robbed her family’s apartment) AND he’s her stepbrother. Oh! What a tangled web we weave. Also, lets acknowledge how well home girl made herself over; unlike, Tracey.

This season, we saw more of Tracey’s gay best friend and he was hilarious. He proved to be a better friend than Candice who is a shitty, self-absorbed skank ho. She abandoned Tracey while she was brokenhearted and homeless but also slept with her boyfriend’s Dad (who was kind of fine). Even after Tracey knew her cunt-of-a-friend slept with him, she still wanted a piece of Dad.

Let’s see, what else:

  • We saw more of Tracey’s mom who made her jump into missionary hoops to move back home and repair their relationship. Tracey singing hymns outside their building was funny.
  • Tracey still doesn’t know how to date. She dressed in tribal attire to fulfill the fantasy of her new “boyfriend” which made me wonder why does she only date white men?
  • Tracey’s ex-boyfriend/Cynthia’s ex-fiance is still sort of, kind of a closeted but not really.
  • Oh, Tracey finally lost her virginity but to a 16 year old (which turned out to be legal).
  • Tracey and Conner still have a thing for each other.
  • Tracey’s cousin is still a pervert and still in love with her.
  • Last but not least, a whole bunch of other stuff, people and story lines taking up space in the background.

No show is without fault. Michaela, please give us more and longer episodes! If I decided to take a potty break while the show was on, the season would be over by the time I returned.

If you haven’t, check out this show. It’s super hilarious and relatable if for whatever reason you became trapped in your strict, sheltered and Christian household as a an adult. I am so glad I left at 17 *stares at mom* Any who, who’s finished with season 2? How did you like it? Isn’t it so much better than The Get Down?

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