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I had spare change in my piggy bank so I decided to treat myself to a facial and waxing. Removing the industrial hair from my face has become a pain, I’m out of facial masks, and my skin has been a bit blah lately. So, I got the Lip, Chin & Side Wax ($26 and self-explanatory) and Dermalogica Skin Treatment ($57):

60-minute personalized treatment includes deep cleansing, exfoliation and intense hydration. Designed for all skin conditions including aging, acne and sensitive skin.

I’m so glad I got the wax because I had a few ingrown hairs that had to be removed and a few pimples that had to be extracted. Painful! Other than that, there were no pressing issues so the esthetician decided to use products from the UltraCalming Kit. Of course, she suggested I switch to this system as well.

This kit for sensitized skin contains products to help relieve itching, redness, and reactive skin flare-ups associated with sensitive and sensitized skin.Ultra calming Kit Includes:

UltraCalming Cleanser: Gentle cleansing cream (1.7 oz.)

UltraCalming Mist: Soothing, cooling spritz (1.7 oz.)

UltraCalming Serum Concentrate: Sensitized skin antidote (0.3 oz.)

Barrier Repair: Shielding, protective moisturizer (0.3 oz.)

This kit retails for 40 bucks and according to the esthetician, it can last up to 2 months. I still don’t know if I would be paying more than I usually pay for skincare but willing to give it a try… eventually.

The morning after my skin was a lot calmer, the inflamed areas were flat. I’ve already been scheduled for another facial and wax in a month. Looks like I’m going to have to forgo something to afford this luxury. Maybe I could drive for Uber for an hour. Forgo groceries for the boys (Husband and Little Brother), they can afford to shed a few pounds. Maybe I could teach twerking classes, a lot of you guys need the help. Anyway, shop UltraCalming here. Get $10 off at Ulta when you join Ulta’s Ultimate Rewards Program. If you are interested in 10 bucks off your facial, email me. For whatever reason, there is no link *shoulder shrug*

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