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Warning! This post contains “first world problems” and digs at Comcast (the cable antichrist).

Comcast sucks. Their bills are too high, customer service is crap (unless you tweet them) and the internet is shit. As a result, Husband and I thought about getting one of those streaming devices for like an entire year. But would it have all the channels we like? Could we watch shows live? What about on demand? Although with our schedules, it’s becoming increasing hard to keep up with all these meaningless TV shows. Anyway.

I’ve had Apple TV for ages. I mostly use it to mirror movies and TV shows and to watch Netflix, Hulu and YouTube. If it wasn’t so old, I probably wouldn’t have needed another device but alas.

This past December was the final straw. I called Comcast and told them “go screw yourself!” Actually, I just asked them to remove the cable, I still needed their internet to stream TV shows -_-

So, we selected *drum roll please* Roku! I was already familiar with it because Mom has it. We selected Sling TV’s Blue package because it had a lot of the channels we watch but we also added the lifestyle package and HBO. It’s a tad bit cheaperthan  what we were paying for cable. In contrast, parting ways with Comcast resulted in a higher internet bill because we no longer had the bundle. Still, our bill was cheaper.

So Roku is awesome. In addition to Sling TV, there are tons of TV and movie apps that can be download for free. I also have these apps on my iPad so I can watch it when I’m away from home (which Comcast stop letting us do). However, there is one con. The streaming of shows is only as good as the internet connection. Who do I have for internet? Comcast. And to ensure I wasn’t just blaming them, we replaced our router but we still have issues from time to time. Next, replacing internet for real freedom.

Ok, who’s streaming and why? Are you saving money? Not really? Me either but whatever…


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