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Look at that drapage (translation: long-ish length of hair). After 3 years of Sisterlocks, I’m happy to report that my hair grows at the rate of speed, requires little to no maintenance, and gets me a lot of compliments and double takes *pauses so you can bask in the glory of my hair*

Hair is interlocked with a tool; thereby, resulting in Sisterlocks. Sisterlocks can be created on natural or relaxed hair, requires hair to be parted using some type of mystical grid, and have to be installed and maintained by a Certified Sisterlocks Consultant or Trainee.

The cost varies. I got mine installed in New Orleans and learned that the price of my installation was on the more expensive side. I get them retightened in Mississippi every 5 weeks at an affordable rate (I recently learned my price was grandfathered in) and it usually takes less than 2 hours.

Currently, my hair routine consists of me sleeping with a satin scarf and running my fingers through my locs in the morning. I wash my hair every 2 weeks and dye it before each retightening. I mostly wear my hair down because I would like to preserve my edges but occasionally put it in a ponytail when I’m feeling frisky.

The use of hair products are frowned upon; however, I do occasionally use setting lotion when I want to create a wave, spray my hair with rosewater because I am vain, have started using lavender shampoo because I am vain, and use the products necessary to dye my hair. I do use a conditioner to seal the hair color in but only when I dye my hair.

Last but not least, I would like to thank Mom for recommending Sisterlocks (she got them installed a year before me) *insert round of applause here* If I did not mention her, she would’ve given me grief. Because I told you guys she gives me grief when I don’t mention her, she will give me grief. Anyway, read previous blog posts on Sisterlocks:

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