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Source: Perricone

Source: Perricone

It all started a few weeks ago when a friend and I got facials at Sephora (Read about my first facial at Sephora: Free Mini Facial @ Sephora) Both of us had the same complaint: dark marks. Because it was the two of us, the Sephora Skincare Consultant asked for assistance. The guy they called turned out to be an expert on all things Sephora (he was the manager that opened the store but now works for Perricone). He asked about our skincare routine, walked us through the products they would be using as well as its benefits. According to Expert Sephora Man, Perricone would work well with our current skincare products helping it to penetrate our skin opposed to product just sitting on top of our faces or whatever. Honestly, I had an instant glow and wanted everything he used on me so I asked about prices. I could tell by the description that they may be expensive. Although I was there for a free facial and serum, I was flexible. Expert Sephora Man suggested the following:

Skin Perfecting Serum $90

Hypoallergenic Gentle Firming Eye $72

No Bronzer Bronzer $35

Cold Plasma Anti-Aging Face Treatment $162

Face Finishing Moisturizer $75

2-Step Brightening System $145

That brings my hypothetical total to five hundred seventy nine mutha f****** dollars. Do you know what I can do with $579? I don’t know maybe take a cruise or weekend getaway with Husband, put a down payment on a new car or apartment, get botox or a new wardrobe, and or possibly buy a better attitude. Obviously, I got what I needed and Expert Sephora Man gave me a hefty amount of samples; specifically, Perricone’s Nutritive Cleanser.

Perricone MD Nutritive Cleanser deeply purifies skin, removing all traces of makeup without stripping skin of its beneficial natural oils. It helps to improve skin’s tone and texture, minimizing surface imperfections and combating signs of aging. Skin is left fresh, bright, and perfectly prepared for treatment.

I felt pretty comfortable with what I selected and thought it was quite affordable then they told me the total. After, I saw a white light.

I’m assuming it was about 30 minutes after my death when I returned to life. I posted a question in a skincare group ran by Aprill asking why Perricone products were so expensive and if it was necessary. I don’t remember her exact words but it was along the line of them having a job to do. That job? Make a sell. After, I called Husband told him I made a grave mistake and needed his help. Basically, I needed him to go to Sephora, tell them he doesn’t allow his wife to spend that type of money on skincare and return it. He didn’t execute it well, they knew I was returning it and I can never return for the rest of my life. On the other hand, if I give it enough time they may forget my face. After all, some people think black people all look the same.

However, this experience wasn’t a total waste. Remember that sample I got? After only a few days of using it (both morning and night), I saw major changes. None of those little patches of tiny bumps, no irritation and some of those dark marks were gone. I was hooked and when I’m done with this sample, I have to buy it so could you imagine the transformation if I used the whole system? I don’t know, maybe I ought to start selling plasma. How much can I get for that? Does Sephora have layaway?


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  1. enannylink1

    Wow what an experience I don’t use skin care products at all. My skin is so sensitive I’m always afraid of unnecessary breakouts. Glad at the end you found something you could use 😊

  2. lydia23224

    Thanks for sharing your story. Glad things worked out with the sample. Visits to cosmetics stores stress me out I rarely use makeup and don’t understand majority of what is sold.

  3. My Perriocone experience started with an expert at Sephora too but there was a special going on so I got a .5 oz of the cold Plasma Sub D for $20. I fell in LOVE with Cold Plasma Sub D ! Thankfully, my fiancé got me a $200 Sephora gift card for Christmas and I used $160 to buy a full size jar of Cold Plasma.
    Oh, just an FYI, QVC sells Perricone too so, if you ever decide to give it a try, they often have specials as does the Perricone website directly 🙂

    And don’t worry, I’ve returned things at Sephora before too…no biggie 😉



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