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Guess who’s back with another unboxing? Me (duh)! Before we get started, a brief review of last month’s box:

Kale Mask by Brown & Coconut

Surprisingly, this did not smell awful. Mixing the contents as well as application was super easy. I had enough to make a mask for my brother and me. After, my skin was super smooth, soft and it wasn’t its usual red and irritated-self after I removed the mask. Even my little brother’s skin was looking healthy. Two thumbs up!

V-Steam: The Detox Blend by The Hues Company

So, I’ve heard of this but never really investigated it because I didn’t want to agitate my “V.” Her and I are cool and have a mutual understanding but it was in the box and I’m about that life. There are many benefits to V-steams but I must say I was concerned about overcooking my “V.” I can’t attest to its benefits yet but would totally recommend it and look forward to trying it again. Live a little!

Sole Cleanse Foot Detox by NaturalSelfSkincare

OK, this was my favorite one. Although its main purpose is to detoxify, it smells so good and made my feet really soft. The smell stuck with me for a while. I’m not sure if it was because it was on my skin (or because I spilled a bit of the water) but I loved it. I need this in my life. NOW!

Oats & Herb Bath by NaturalSelfSkincare

I change my mind, this one is my favorite. This psycho weather has resulted in eczema and hive outbreaks so this was very timely and smelled beautiful. Ugh, it was such a spa experience until the water got cold. Not only do I need this but I need it every day of my life.

Butters by Jay

I love butters and prefer butters over faux lotions and moisturizers. I keep this in my purse to moisturize midday but I also apply it to my nails and cuticles when doing a mani and pedi. Like the others, it smells lovely.

Honey Lip Balm by Sailor Girl Soap & Supplies

This is another product I carry in my purse because my lips can get really dry and disrespectful real quick. I also like to apply a light coat before applying lipstick, before bed and early in the morning. Bonus: It does not look like you ate a fried pork chop after application.

Black Sugar Perfect First Serum by Skinfood

I applied this toner after my mask but honestly, it’s hard to determine if it’s beneficial after one use so I had to do a little research. It’s quite affordable and has excellent reviews so I will likely take a chance and buy the full size.

Now, to the moment we’ve all been waiting for!


Shout-out to Coalesce Cooperative Work Environment (where the video was recorded), Small World Studio for the music and Mom (who made me). She did not appreciate not being included in last month’s shout-outs, lol.

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    • I don’t think so. You complete a questionnaire and they send you items based on your response. However, you should be able to shop the products on their website soon.


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