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Source: Ashleigh Guice

Source: Ashleigh Guice

I had the pleasure of reading and reviewing “How to X Your Ex: A Guide to Getting Past Unhealthy Relationships” by my blogstie Ashleigh Guice of Single Woman Chronicles (who has also guest blogged here. Read: 5 Reasons to Be Totally Jealous of Your Single Friends). About the book:

Ashleigh Guice, the founder and editor of, shows you how to kick your ex to the curb and never look back. She explains how not contacting your ex is your saving grace and how writing a “Letter to Your Ex” could prevent you from relapsing. She explains why you don’t need closure to move on and how forgiveness can lighten your emotional baggage. Stop asking yourself, “Why do I keep putting myself through this?” and start X’ing your ex!

This book is categorized into the phases necessarily to ditch your ex, tips and personal stories. While reading the book, there were numerous times I exclaimed:


“Girl, no he didn’t!”

“Don’t trust him!”

“Yep, she’s right!”

But my absolute favorite thing about the book is that IT’S ONLY 49 PAGES! Guys, this is important because it proves books don’t need to be long to prove a point! A lot of us have s*** to do and don’t have years to read your freaking book! I’m talking to you Damon John *stares*

So, I know some of you may be thinking: “what’s a girl like you doing, reading a book like this?” I’m married and a semi, but not really relationship expert. At first glance, I would agree. However, subject matters such as expectations, forgiveness, signs and closure applies to everyone. I didn’t have the experiences Ashleigh talked about, I guess being selfish and holding grudges has it’s benefits. However, it’s not about me (this time) it’s about you and I can sense that a lot of you would benefit from the intended purpose of this book.


Win Kindle Copy of How to X Your Ex or you could always just buy the book here. Read and share my previous post: Faux Product Review 41: Aloe Vera Toner


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