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Disclaimer: This blog post contains spoilers and is probably offensive.


In Universal Pictures’ Get Out, a speculative thriller from Blumhouse (producers of The Visit, Insidious series and The Gift) and the mind of Jordan Peele, when a young African-American man visits his white girlfriend’s family estate, he becomes ensnared in a more sinister real reason for the invitation. This blog post may or may not be offensive af… to my Caucasian brothers and sisters.

Husband and I couldn’t wait to see this movie! Why? It’s what most some black people envision what could happen if we spent a weekend with most some white people. Of course, the theater was over 90% black and since I’m already generalizing, a theater full of black people increases the chance of talking through and to the movie. Once we were seated, I whispered “we should’ve went to the matinee.”

The film stars Daniel Kaluuya, Allison Williams, Catherine Keener, Bradley Whitford and a whole bunch of other people. The movie opens with Atlanta (Keith Stanfield) who’s character is Andre then Logan but I prefer to call him Atlanta. Any who, he’s walking around the burbs then gets snatched up. The next scene is of the main characters (Camera Boy and White Girl) who happen to be an interracial couple preparing for a weekend trip with White Girl’s family. Camera Boy asks if White Girl parent’s know that he’s black and she’s like nah. While on the way to White Girl’s family, Camera Boy calls Best Friend who says in so man words “don’t go to those white people’s house.”

They arrive and White Family is weird af, they have black “help” who are also weird af, then have a party and invite more weird af white people who when introduced to Camera Boy make comments that are deemed as generalizations and microaggressions. Later, Atlanta is back but as a completely different person. Camera Boy takes a photo of him, sends to Best Friend who finds out he’s missing and that Camera Boy is likely in trouble. What gets me is dude had NUMEROUS warnings and when he tried to leave, it was too late. However, Best Friend came through at the perfect time and what did he say when he saw Camera Boy? I told you not to go to those white people’s house!


This is an awesome movie, has a awesome cast with great acting. I’m going to assume that part of this movie’s success is a result of black people wanting to see on film what we sometimes think could happen. White people saw it because they are curious about what us black people think could happen with a weekend with them. If you don’t fit into either category, you likely wanted to see a suspenseful movie without the typical plot.

If you haven’t, see the movie! If I spoiled it for you, see the movie! If you are too scared to see it (Jaynae), see the movie anyway. If you have, let’s discuss in the comments!

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Source: Perricone

Source: Perricone

It all started a few weeks ago when a friend and I got facials at Sephora (Read about my first facial at Sephora: Free Mini Facial @ Sephora) Both of us had the same complaint: dark marks. Because it was the two of us, the Sephora Skincare Consultant asked for assistance. The guy they called turned out to be an expert on all things Sephora (he was the manager that opened the store but now works for Perricone). He asked about our skincare routine, walked us through the products they would be using as well as its benefits. According to Expert Sephora Man, Perricone would work well with our current skincare products helping it to penetrate our skin opposed to product just sitting on top of our faces or whatever. Honestly, I had an instant glow and wanted everything he used on me so I asked about prices. I could tell by the description that they may be expensive. Although I was there for a free facial and serum, I was flexible. Expert Sephora Man suggested the following:

Skin Perfecting Serum $90

Hypoallergenic Gentle Firming Eye $72

No Bronzer Bronzer $35

Cold Plasma Anti-Aging Face Treatment $162

Face Finishing Moisturizer $75

2-Step Brightening System $145

That brings my hypothetical total to five hundred seventy nine mutha f****** dollars. Do you know what I can do with $579? I don’t know maybe take a cruise or weekend getaway with Husband, put a down payment on a new car or apartment, get botox or a new wardrobe, and or possibly buy a better attitude. Obviously, I got what I needed and Expert Sephora Man gave me a hefty amount of samples; specifically, Perricone’s Nutritive Cleanser.

Perricone MD Nutritive Cleanser deeply purifies skin, removing all traces of makeup without stripping skin of its beneficial natural oils. It helps to improve skin’s tone and texture, minimizing surface imperfections and combating signs of aging. Skin is left fresh, bright, and perfectly prepared for treatment.

I felt pretty comfortable with what I selected and thought it was quite affordable then they told me the total. After, I saw a white light.

I’m assuming it was about 30 minutes after my death when I returned to life. I posted a question in a skincare group ran by Aprill asking why Perricone products were so expensive and if it was necessary. I don’t remember her exact words but it was along the line of them having a job to do. That job? Make a sell. After, I called Husband told him I made a grave mistake and needed his help. Basically, I needed him to go to Sephora, tell them he doesn’t allow his wife to spend that type of money on skincare and return it. He didn’t execute it well, they knew I was returning it and I can never return for the rest of my life. On the other hand, if I give it enough time they may forget my face. After all, some people think black people all look the same.

However, this experience wasn’t a total waste. Remember that sample I got? After only a few days of using it (both morning and night), I saw major changes. None of those little patches of tiny bumps, no irritation and some of those dark marks were gone. I was hooked and when I’m done with this sample, I have to buy it so could you imagine the transformation if I used the whole system? I don’t know, maybe I ought to start selling plasma. How much can I get for that? Does Sephora have layaway?


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Last night, I attended the first installment of Greater Jackson Arts Council’s “Creative Empowerment.” Their first speaker: Luvvie Ajayi *screams*

Source: GJAC

Source: GJAC

To be quite honest, I had no idea what this event was about. Is this part of her book tour? Is this a club appearance? Is she going to give us one of those TED Talk-like speeches? Is she going to drive pass Duling Hall and toss her book at our heads? It really didn’t matter, she is the definition of blogger goals. Not only was I going but I went VIP (which included a itty bitty but delicious lemonade cocktail, appetizers, and an autographed copy of her book “I’m Judging You: The Do Better Manual“).

Nice set, right?

DJ Java

VIP, tricks!

I spent weeks thinking about an awesome, life-changing question I could ask her. And when I got the chance to finally meet her, I had nothing. But, I got a selfie. That’s sufficient, right?

That’s my name!

We’re basically, almost best friends now!

I sat on the front row (where people of my stature sit but mostly because I paid for a VIP ticket). Because I’m a bit neurotic, I brought a notebook to take notes. I didn’t want to miss a thing!

Luvvie and Fanta

Although I saw a card that advertised her lecture as “Get Smart About Social Media: How to Maintain a Clean Online Reputation” that’s not really what she lectured about and I’m glad. So what exactly did she talk about? If you were there, you would know. Ultimately, the purpose of her lecture was to let her readers (aka Luv Nation) know that she is not an overnight success, more like a 14-year success. She gave us a very detailed timeline of events which started with her friends encouraging her to start a blog in undergrad. Throughout school and a career she loathe, she consistently blogged which ultimately lead to opportunities such as being on the red carpet at the Oscars, Black Women in Hollywood Brunch, moderating panels for the White House, becoming a NYTimes Best-Selling Author and then having that best-seller turned into a series! After her lecture, locals joined her for “Awesomely Hot Topics”

Panelists: Donna Ladd, Maisie Brown, Jon Salem and Pam Junior. Moderated by Joy Redmond. Fanta made the shot again.

Errr, I do like that locals were included but didn’t necessarily kind of sort but not really think it was necessary *Kanye shrug* I came to see Luvvie and thought she would’ve done a better job. After all, that’s really what’s she’s known for. Lastly, was a super good question and answer segment.

On Writing: She didn’t consider herself a writer because it wasn’t something she saw in her environment. She also told us not to spend all day editing. “Perfect is the enemy of progress.”- Luvvie

On Fear and Failure: Fear of failure can push us to greatness but if we think things aren’t working out, we should have a plan. She got what she thought was her dream job and quit on the first day. That must’ve felt glorious. However, she had her parents as a safety net which a lot of us don’t have. As a result, she emphasized “stacking paper” and “aggressively saving.”

On Mississippi and Brain Drain: Our geography doesn’t matter because social media provides a global platform. She talked about having friends all over the world, thanks to social media.

On How to Be Successful: Surround yourself with the right people. She listed 3 types of leaders: Visionary, Builders and Sustainers. If you’re a visionary, surround yourself with builders and sustainers and vice versa. She also talked about personal investments such as getting a lawyer. She stressed it so much that I thought about retaining one while she was speaking. I do have a lot of attorney friends so I guess it’s time to have that “how much would you charge for 20 minutes” conversation.

The moderator put Rita B. (Read: Condoms, Comedy & Husband’s Bruised Ego) on the spot. She wanted her to discuss how surrounding herself with the right people advanced her career. In that same conversation, Luvvie told Rita that she was already receiving the signs she needed but that she didn’t take herself seriously, that she needed to get her social media accounts verified, and that she would talk to her after the show. What now?! You’re going to talk to her after the show and give her advice?*screams*

On the Impostor Syndrome: She has suffered from the Impostor Syndrome but often analyzes her way out of it, she didn’t get where she is by accident. She told us to be grateful that we are in the room, people who are far less talented are often in the room and never question themselves and that if enough people tell you that you’re gifted, believe them.

The best advice: She’s always done what she felt like doing, lived in her truth, payed attention to only what she was doing and did what she loved. Overall, it was an awesome and affirming event. I guess I really didn’t need to ask her any questions because she answered everything I thought about asking. I know a lot of us bloggers and creatives have the same insecurities and wonder if it’s worth it. I guess we can stick it out a little longer, right?

Bravo to Greater Jackson Arts Council! It was a really good launch to the Creative Empowerment Series and I look forward to the next lecturer!

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Guess who’s back with another unboxing? Me (duh)! Before we get started, a brief review of last month’s box:

Kale Mask by Brown & Coconut

Surprisingly, this did not smell awful. Mixing the contents as well as application was super easy. I had enough to make a mask for my brother and me. After, my skin was super smooth, soft and it wasn’t its usual red and irritated-self after I removed the mask. Even my little brother’s skin was looking healthy. Two thumbs up!

V-Steam: The Detox Blend by The Hues Company

So, I’ve heard of this but never really investigated it because I didn’t want to agitate my “V.” Her and I are cool and have a mutual understanding but it was in the box and I’m about that life. There are many benefits to V-steams but I must say I was concerned about overcooking my “V.” I can’t attest to its benefits yet but would totally recommend it and look forward to trying it again. Live a little!

Sole Cleanse Foot Detox by NaturalSelfSkincare

OK, this was my favorite one. Although its main purpose is to detoxify, it smells so good and made my feet really soft. The smell stuck with me for a while. I’m not sure if it was because it was on my skin (or because I spilled a bit of the water) but I loved it. I need this in my life. NOW!

Oats & Herb Bath by NaturalSelfSkincare

I change my mind, this one is my favorite. This psycho weather has resulted in eczema and hive outbreaks so this was very timely and smelled beautiful. Ugh, it was such a spa experience until the water got cold. Not only do I need this but I need it every day of my life.

Butters by Jay

I love butters and prefer butters over faux lotions and moisturizers. I keep this in my purse to moisturize midday but I also apply it to my nails and cuticles when doing a mani and pedi. Like the others, it smells lovely.

Honey Lip Balm by Sailor Girl Soap & Supplies

This is another product I carry in my purse because my lips can get really dry and disrespectful real quick. I also like to apply a light coat before applying lipstick, before bed and early in the morning. Bonus: It does not look like you ate a fried pork chop after application.

Black Sugar Perfect First Serum by Skinfood

I applied this toner after my mask but honestly, it’s hard to determine if it’s beneficial after one use so I had to do a little research. It’s quite affordable and has excellent reviews so I will likely take a chance and buy the full size.

Now, to the moment we’ve all been waiting for!


Shout-out to Coalesce Cooperative Work Environment (where the video was recorded), Small World Studio for the music and Mom (who made me). She did not appreciate not being included in last month’s shout-outs, lol.

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Source: Rita B.

While on my sickbed (from an allergic reaction), I opened my little swollen eyes, scrolled Instagram and saw a repost on Token Talk’s Instagram advertising a FREE Rita B comedy show entitled “Condoms and Comedy” at Duling Hall. I was sick during her last show so I did what any sensible person would do, I got out of the bed and went to the comedy show (duh).

Like many others, I had no idea who the other comedians were and had no expectations. It’s a free show, how could we complain? We arrived on time (7:30 PM) to a packed house so we grabbed the nearest chairs and had a pretty good view. Then, I got a text from a friend who was sitting in front of the stage so we moved there. As a result of sitting right in front of the stage, we became a target for the host and comedians. By we, I mean Husband.

Nardo Blackstastic

Shady Feel Good

The guys were funnier than expected. They talked women, family, money, and sort of kind of but not really the use of condoms.

Rita B.

Now, to the woman we all came to see. Rita B. effortlessly fused comedy with sex education. I’m not sure but there’s a possibility that the show was for some type of campaign. She talked the importance of getting tested, gave us stats, discussed condom usage and even did a skit with Nardo on how to resist men who don’t want to use condoms. Of course, there were lots of jokes about sex. All of the comedians dabbled in it but it was nothing too vulgar (and this is coming from the President of the Clutches Pearls Society).

At the end of Rita’s set, she announced that she would be taking photos in the hallway. I had mentally prepared to wait in a long line because Husband loves her. Side Note: We saw her at Kroger’s a little while ago and I had to hold him back from rolling up on her. Anyway, Husband said he didn’t want to take pictures with her because she hurt his feelings. Everyone, send a cyber hug to Husband.

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