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Hey, it’s Ashlee (duh, it’s my blog)! I decided that the best way to introduce you to HuesBox as one of their Brand Ambassadors *insert applause here* is to interview Jasmine, 1 of 3 founders (other founders include Robin (Mom) and Jenae (Sister). So, let’s get this party started! In one sentence, describe HuesBox? 

HuesBox is a beauty and wellness subscription box curated specifically for people of color by people of color.

How did you come up with this concept and how long did it take to execute it? 

We came up with the idea after years of difficulty identifying hair, skin, and wellness products we could use. I started using subscription boxes five years ago but never received a box where I used every product it contained. I was complaining to my mom and sister about my disappointment with the subscription boxes. We came up with the idea in November 2015, sold our first boxes at The Gathering (in Minneapolis) in November 2016 so it took about a year to get everything ready for launch.

Subscription options include 1, 3, 6 and 12 month plans filled with products created and curated specifically for people of color. There are no reoccurring fees; instead, subscribers are sent reminders based on their plan. Orders are placed from the 1st- 15th of each month with full-sized products available for purchase at The Hues Company Store

There  are a ton of subscription boxes for women of color, what makes HuesBox different? 

We really see HuesBox as different from our subscription boxes for women of color for several reasons: First, HuesBox is for men too! Currently, our boxes start out gender neutral, then are curated based on your beauty and wellness profile where subscribers can designate their preferred gender identity. We hope to launch Hues His Boxes in Spring 2017. Secondly, HuesBox takes a holistic approach to beauty. This isn’t just about makeup or external wellness, subscribers will receive products for mind, body, and spirit. We’re tapping into centuries of beauty secrets from communities of color to address lifestyle needs more broadly than other boxes. Lastly, we’re committed to working with small minority-owned businesses. When we began creating HuesBox, we realized that there were so many individuals creating amazing products but they were having difficulty reaching their target market and scaling up to a broader reach. We see HuesBox as the link between these small businesses and their target audience of people of color. That means if HuesBox is successful, so are all the companies we work with. The products in your HuesBox are probably not products you’ve seen at your local Target, and that’s exactly the way we want it.

Why not another beauty subscription box? Vain women fuel the economy. 

Because HuesBox isn’t a beauty box, we don’t see it as about vanity or women specifically. Each month a theme will partially inform the products you receive. The products will address different lifestyle aspects, some about beauty strictly defined, but others may be about self-care, or internal wellness. HuesBox will make you feel better, not just look better.

What do you want men to know about HuesBox? 

Men this is for you too! You don’t have to worry about receiving products you can’t use. Your HuesBox is personalized just for you via your profile.

Why use small businesses opposed to known brands?

HuesBox is trying to encourage economic growth in communities of color by connecting small businesses with their target audience. Known brands don’t need help in that regard.

Some businesses may not be equipped to provide such a large amount of samples, how do you prepare them? 

If small businesses want to be in HuesBox but not yet equipped, we generally speak with them to figure out the gap between what they are currently equipped to do and what we would need. If the gap is small enough, we provide advice, guidance and make vendor connections as needed. If not, we encourage additional growth before inclusion.

HuesBox is always interested in learning about new companies catering to the health, beauty, and wellness needs of people of color! To become a vendor, complete this form.

Hues is a team of 3 (Mom and Daughters), who does what?

We all do a bit of everything! That’s the fun in working together and having faith in each other’s abilities.

Where do you see HuesBox in a year?

We hope HuesBox has developed a regular following of subscribers in a year, and we’re still bringing you high quality, but relatively unknown products. We hope subscribers are excited to receive their HuesBox each month, because we’re always excited to curate them for you!

Any advice for entrepreneurs?

Keep pushing to expand, but only at a scale you can handle. Fund as much as you can out-of-pocket for as long as you can. Brand consistency matters. Don’t be afraid to admit mistakes!

For more information, visit HuesBox! Have you subscribed yet? Share your story with us! What do you think of subscription boxes? What products do you want to see in your box? Follow my royal ambassadorship on Instagram, Twitter and Facebook! Read and share my previous post: Hidden Figures


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