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This is Pink Gumbeaux’s most successful year. In no particular order, these are some of our favorites (even though I know you love them equally).

  1. I posted Podcasts on Podcasts on Podcasts on International Podcast Day. Unlike last year, I listed the podcasts because there were too many. Most of the podcasts I listen to are entertaining and great for getting through the work week and traveling. You’re welcome.
  2. Faux Product Review 7: Apple Cider Vinegar was the most popular of all Faux Product Reviews. I started Faux Product Reviews in November 2015 as a way to provide you with reviews without being held responsible, lol. Any who, the apple cider vinegar post was a quick read. I listed its benefits, informed you that it smelled like Bourbon Street, and told you that you too would smell like Bourbon Street if you used it. Fin. This post lead to the composition of  His & Her ACV Rinse (which I no longer do because I thought it stripped my hair dye); however, it still works well for Husband.
  3. Becoming financially stable was a personal goal this year and thanks to a few innovators and technology, buying stock and saving became super easy. I talked about it in Buying Stock Like an Entry-Level Boss and Saving Like an Entry-Level Boss. I’m such a helpful noodle.
  4. Clearly, An African City was one of  my favorite shows because I blogged about it three times in An African City, An African City Pt. II and An African City (Season 2). I wanted you guys to be down so bad. An African City is a web series that has been coined “the Ghanaian version of Sex in the City” with its first season on YouTube. Season 2 brought longer episodes and a longer season so it was no surprise that we had to pay a little chump change ($20) to watch. I was ready and willing. Does anyone know when season 3 starts? I would like it now, please.
  5. Earlier this year, my family experienced 2 deaths in a 24-hour period which resulted in the composition of Guide to Funerals and How to…Funeral: Baptist Church Edition. These two posts were my way of coping while providing a few tips on how to navigate loss and funerals with a bit of humor. Side note: In Guide to…Funeral: Baptist Church Edition, I did mention how one shouldn’t cook Gumbo if they can’t cook Gumbo. Guys, I don’t play behind Gumbo. And no, I don’t cook it. The elders and ancestors have not given me permission to do it yet. 
  6. In the quest to find the perfect fitness strategy, I tried spin and blogged about it in My First Spin Class. While I stuck with it a little while, I am no longer about that life. Actually, I’m exhausted just writing about it *takes break*
  7. 2-Year Sisterlocks Anniversary was  a super quick post but I suppose it was enough for you guys who may be interested in it. I am now approaching 3 years, still love them and couldn’t imagine spending more than 3 minutes doing my hair.
  8. Similar to Faux Product Reviews, I started Bogus Book Reviews and my first post on this series proved to be the most popular. In Bogus Book Review 1: The Life Changing Magic of Not Giving a F*** I talk about the book and how it’s a great tool for removing f***s; thereby, living a happier life.
  9. Faux Product Review 5: Heritage Store’s Rose Petals Rosewater and Faux Product Review 31: Mario Badescu Facial Spray are my favorites because it’s the only products that I blogged about that I use everyday, several times a day. It’s like Beyonce in a bottle. I no longer have a preference, I use them both.
  10. 1 Year of Marriage Ft. Husband was a favorite among family and friends. I think it’s because I showed my softer side or whatever…
  11. Last but not least is Gumbogate which ranked quickly. Likely, because you guys were anticipating drama and are kind of messy.

Goals for next year include more guest bloggers, product, book, TV and movie reviews, shade, microaggressions and Mom and Husband asking me “do you have to blog about everything?” Yes I do, yes I do. Read and share my previous post: Gumbogate

Happy New Year!


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