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Christmas is a little more than a week a way and I’m hoping to have the same experience in Houston with the In-laws that I had with my family in New Orleans. What experience am I referring to? A little thing called FUN (Read: I’m Thankful for Family, Food & Daiquiris)!

People have saved money to travel, took a few days off from work all to eat and hang around the Christmas tree, Kinara and or Menorah all day? We could’ve stayed home for that! As a result, I am recommending to both you and Husband a guide to a bore-free Christmas vacation.

  1. Don’t nobody want to eat Christmas food for a week. Switch it up and take your family to brunch or dinner. I’m looking forward to going to Pappadeux Seafood Kitchen while in Houston. It’s the only seafood restaurant I like outside of Louisiana.
  2. I don’t know what you’re doing on your Christmas night but I’m trying to see Fences.
  3. So, I know finances may be nonexistent after Christmas shopping but every major city has a list of free things to do. If you’re rural, make sure you’re in a major city next year…
  4. Maybe it’s too cold to go out. There is a boatload of games that are on sale right now. My faves are UNO and the never-ending Monopoly. Unfortunately but fortunately, I don’t know how to play Dominoes or Spades. And, yes I am still black without those particular skill sets.
  5. Go all Love and Hip Hop Atlanta and fight. Put paws on the aunt that keeps talking about your weight. Toddlers can catch these hands too. 
  6. Binge-watch new and classic shows and movies. Allow each family member to choose one. I know kids matter and all to their parents but I say put those little turds in their own group. No one wants to suffer through Frozen (which I have yet to watch completely).
  7. Shopping? I don’t know about you but I prefer the post-Christmas sales. Plus, there are stores in Houston that we don’t have in Jackson (duh). I think I want to purchase a hot pink Mink…
  8. Houston is 2 hours from San Antonio. I’m hoping to take a day trip there and possibly push Husband in the Riverwalk. What? He knows how to swim…
  9. Gossip about missing family members. Where is so and so? You know she broke up with so and so and brought the new one. Who is that little boy? You know so and so just found out he had another son. 

May the odds be ever in your favor. Wish me luck as well. Thank you.

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