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I don’t know about you guys but I’ve had a bit of a tough year. Judging from the memes, you’ve had a pretty tough year too. Now, it’s Christmas time. Most of you have probably finished your Christmas shopping and I have yet to start. It’s because the person who is most deserving of Christmas gifts this year is… ME! And, maybe Husband. Instead of spending hundreds of dollars buying gifts for random people (aka family, friends and coworkers), let’s by ourselves:

  1. A spa package. Take advantage of the discounts and buy yourself a facial, hot stone massage, manicure and pedicure. Or,
  2. Create the spa experience at home. Buy a face mask, body scrub, candles, essential oils and Epsom salt from your local Ulta.
  3. A weekend gateway. This year, Husband and my Christmas gift too each other is a weekend trip to Nashville for New Year’s Eve. In contrast, we are already predicting that we may be too tired for the 6.5 hour drive. As a result, we will likely lie about traveling for New Year’s Eve to avoid parties, buy a bunch of junk food and watch movies the entire weekend.
  4. Cute but unecessary new purse and wallet.
  5. Jewelry, duh.
  6. Makeup, perfume and NAIL POLISH!!!
  7. TV, magazine or wine subscription.
  8. A new iPhone, laptop, car or body? I don’t know what’s on your wish list…

For those of you who have kids, it’s not too late to return half of their gifts for at least one of the above. Happy Holidays!

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