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I started blogging 2 years prior to the launch of Pink Gumbeaux. Like most bloggers back then, I blogged about natural hair. I had gone natural a year prior and wanted to share my thoughts on the struggle, products and styling. That got boring. A year later, I launched my own blog and spent the entire year writing and deleting blog posts. The next year, I cleaned up the basic Blogger theme I downloaded for free and enlisted the help of Mom naming the blog. I told her I wanted “pink” in the title (because it’s my favorite color). Pink Gumbeaux was born on December 10, 2010.

I did not know what the hell I was doing for a large part of my blog’s existence. The theme of my blog has evolved over time to what I now consider a personal and lifestyle blog. My blog is also a space where I can be myself opposed to the facade I present in other parts of my life; otherwise, I’d be passing out ass whippings. Apparently, that’s illegal.

On December 10th, Pink Gumbeaux turns 6! This year, I decided to share with my readers, fellow bloggers and future bloggers the 6 lessons I’ve learned in 6 years.

  1. Blogging is harder than people think. And, harder for the technologically challenged. I spend approximately 8 hours a week brainstorming on awesome topics, writing and revising blog posts, sharing it across social media platforms, and reading literature and watching webinars on how I can slay as a blogger and “an influencer.”
  2.  Yeah, about the money I mentioned earlier. I pay to maintain domains ( and for the people who can’t spell it correctly), annual website fees, social media platforms (where blog posts are scheduled and posted because ain’t nobody got all day to be on social media), and any materials, classes or coaching I need for aforementioned slayage.
  3. It is rare to blog about something that someone hasn’t already blogged about. So what’s make me different? Me! You now get my personality and the internal dialogue I have with myself in every post. It hasn’t always been like this. I thought my personality was off-putting but people love my honesty and even find my dry humor amusing.
  4. Although I’ve been blogging for nearly a decade, the last year or so features my best blog posts. Yep, it took that long. I haven’t deleted Pink Gumbeaux @ Blogger or corrected ill-formatted posts of the past because it’s important for both you and me to see how long I’ve come.
  5. This is my first year actively networking with bloggers, vloggers, podcasters and other creatives. I’m as much of an introvert online as I am in person. It was uncomfortable and I had cap on how much uncomfortableness I would deal with on the daily basis. However, I love the new blogger friends I’ve made. They are a helpful and supportive bunch.
  6. I love it. People ask how do I find time to blog when I work for “the man” full time, am an entrepreneur, doctoral student and newlywed as well as the time I spend playing with stray cats. Like you’ve probably heard many times, people make time for what matters. And, you as a reader and supporter matter. Not really, I just do it to feed my ego.

For those who visit Pink Gumbeaux, like and share my posts, Mom who named my blog and informs me of grammatical errors, Husband who allows me to talk about his family behind their backs (but on a public platform), this is the part where I’m supposed to say thank you.

Anyway, it’s Pink Gumbeaux’s birthday. Congratulate me, tricks!

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  1. Whoop! I wish you many many more blogging years!
    And yes, I love your quirks and quips! You have a refreshing writing style.


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