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It was Friday night, Husband had already fallen asleep (because he’s not about that life), and I was up flipping through the channels. I landed on Martha Stewart and Snoop Dogg’s new show and thought “perfect,” this will surely put me to sleep. Although the show is cute let’s fast forward to the end of the show where Snoop introduced some guy who won some contest. I was about to turn it off but heard the beat. Turns out, it was Anderson Paak performing “Come Down.” The performance was only for 3 seconds so I had to visit my home girl Google.


See what I mean? By Monday, I was listening to snippets of his album on iTunes. Frank Ocean burned me so I have to listen to albums before downloading it. I picked out my favorite songs but determined it made more sense to download the entire album. iTunes Review:

Rapper/singer Anderson .Paak’s third album—and first since his star turn on Dr. Dre’s Compton—is a warm, wide-angle look at the sweep of his life. A former church drummer trained in gospel music, Paak is as expressive a singer as he is a rapper, sliding effortlessly between the reportorial grit of hip-hop (“Come Down”) and the emotional catharsis of soul and R&B (“The Season/Carry Me”), live-instrument grooves and studio production—a blend that puts him in league with other roots-conscious artists like Chance the Rapper and Kendrick Lamar.

I should start listening to the radio again. This album came out in January which means his first single was probably released this time last year. He looks like what would happen if Lenny Kravitz and Bilal could have a baby. I find it difficult to describe what kind of artist he is but can say his music is a perfect blend of soul, rhythm and blues, hip hop and jazz. I could definitely hear the influence of gospel.
So far, my favorite songs are “The Bird,” “Put Me Thru,” “Am I Wrong,” “Parking Lot,” and “Come Down.” Check out this live performance:


I’m definitely late but am glad to add him to my list of favorite artists. After all, I needed someone to fill Frank Ocean’s spot. Anyway, are you listening to Anderson Paak? If so, what do you think of him? What’s your favorite song?

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