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Happy Halloween, the most wonderful time of the year. However, I’ve been too busy to give Halloween the respect it deserves but I did get a chance to visit two local haunted houses this past Saturday.

I’m a bit of a haunted house aficionado. I’ve gone to them all of my life and being from New Orleans, I’ve visited haunted houses that were in actual haunted houses. As a result, I’m über critical and can rarely be scared.

The first stop was 40 miles south of Jackson at the Mississippi School of the Arts, located in Brookhaven, MS. Due to art and theater students designing the haunted house, I had high expectations. Upon arrival, we saw a bunch of kids outside so I looked at Husband and exclaimed “oh hell naw!” If kids are ballsy enough to go, it’s probably not scary. No line and a $5 entry fee was another indication that it probably wouldn’t be all that. Visually, it looked great. Acting and costumes were awesome but I didn’t flinch. This was probably more for kids.

Second stop was House of Haunted Fields, 35 mins from Jackson and located in Raymond, MS. Listen, the ride was scary enough for me. Most of the drive required the use of our lights on high beam. We went through what I assume to be woods and farmland and barely had phone reception *insert thunder and lightning here* Anyway, we saw cars parked about a half mile from the haunted house but found a parking spot right in front of the haunted house, like a boss. The line was ridiculous but didn’t seem like it would be a long wait. I was wrong, we were in line for 3 hours while the temperature continued to drop. I know, how could I stand there so long? After investing an hour and paying for entry (which was 10 bucks a person), it made sense to just wait.

The tour started in a creepy house where we were told a story and characters attempted to sneak up on us. Nice try. I usually like to talk to the actors to get them out of character and if there is a dark doorway, someone is probably going to pop out. I turned around just as homeboy was walking up. The remainder of the tour was in the “fields” where clowns and characters from scary movies popped out. Although I am overdo for an appointment with my optometrist, I could still identify the shadowy figures right behind the trees and was ready when they attempted to scare us. More the group than me and Husband even jumped twice. Because I could hear the screams from the line, I knew the sound of the chainsaw meant the end of the haunted house aka haunted field. So when I was a few feet away from the exit, what did I do? Anticipate the chainsaw and probably all of the characters surrounding us; thereby, resulting in everyone running out screaming. I walked out laughing. I would say this is probably the scariest haunted house I’ve visited in this region, would not recommend it for kids (although I saw several boss a** toddlers in line), and that they need to get their logistics together. The price was reasonable but the wait was ridiculous.

Overall, I had fun. Husband and I have been working extremely hard so it was a much needed break. We still have several hours, I hope you guys see a scary movie, attend a Halloween Happy Hour or something (do those exist), and or jack a toddler for their candy. If you’ve already celebrated, what did you do and why wasn’t I invited? Oh, you don’t know me? Good point.

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  1. I’m late (as in Halloween has already passed) but I’ve never actually been to a haunted house. I always thought they were exactly like you said and I wouldn’t really be scared. It seems like the one in Raymond is very popular, because I’ve heard of it before but a wait that long? No ma’am!

    • OMG, I love them but they just aren’t that scary to me. On the other hand, I saw grown men and women screaming and running out. I think they are just scary. As for the wait, I kept looking at my Husband like “so, can we leave or nah?” And, I was freezing!


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