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Despite the week I had and Husband ditching me for the weekend, none of that mattered because my Dad was coming to visit me (and Little Brother) this past Saturday. Like most daddy’s girls, he is my favorite person in the world one of my favorite people in the world. Not to mention, we always have a blast together due to similar hobbies: drinking and judging people. However, this trip would be a little different. He would be bringing his wife aka my stepmother aka a person I haven’t always liked. But, we were doing better, much better. Likely as a result of her volunteering to pay for my birthday party because I can be bought.

Saturday morning, I popped up like a kid on Christmas morning. I called my Dad and he informed me he was still sleeping. No big deal, it wouldn’t take them long to get ready and get on the road. After all, Dad is known for being very prompt. An hour later, he calls to inform me he’ll be arriving an hour late. He went to sleep after 3:30 AM as a result of waiting for my stepsister to arrive home from her homecoming dance. Yeah, I agree with you. What high school kid comes home that late from a homecoming dance? But, that isn’t our business.

It’s now 12:45 PM and the phone wakes me out of my sleep. Apparently, Stepmother is taking longer than expected to get ready and they haven’t left yet.

Me: Does she realize she’s traveling to Jackson, MS? You won’t have much time to hang out.

Dad: We still want to come, we’ll be there by 3 or 4. I could tell he was trying to balance being apologetic to me (so I wouldn’t loose my s***) but also trying to please her.

After the phone call with Dad I yelled to Little Brother, “and she probably won’t even look all that.” Yep, I was pissed. I’m still kind of upset. Unbeknownst to Cinderella and probably Dad, I still need him and love to spend time with him. It doesn’t matter that I’m an adult and married, I felt that she was a bit selfish and inconsiderate.

Once they finally pulled up to the gate of my apartment complex, I said to myself “Ashlee be nice, Ashlee be nice, Ashlee be nice.” The first thing Cinderella said when she got out of the car: “Ashlee, don’t be mad at me.” And you know, I looked her up and down to see if it was worth the wait.

Moving on, we immediately hopped in the car (after all, there wasn’t much time). I gave them a thorough tour of Jackson. It was her first time being in Jackson and I wanted her to know it wasn’t comprised of cotton fields and slaves. That’s actually 50 miles, north. Just kidding-ish. After about an hour or so, we headed to the restaurant and she likes BBQ so this should go well. Should. She didn’t know the only booze available was beer. Understandable but this particular restaurant has a large beer collection and even includes some chump-level beers that are great for people who like the sweeter things in life. When the food arrived, she was upset by the color. It was too pink on the inside. There is pig in the name of the restaurant so I’m assuming it’s why there was still color. Dad asked her several times if she wanted it to be thrown back on the grill but she declined. Now, I understand how parents feel when they spend their hard-earned cash on kids who don’t want to eat their food.

Although I am a known finicky and picky eater, I devoured it. So did Dad. She was too disgusted and covered hers with her napkin. So disgusted that we skipped the desert at a nearby restaurant that she suggested. No problem, I was full from the ribs. We headed back to my apartment in enough time for me to watch the premiere of Good Witch (which is the most important fact in this post). I walked them to their car and begrudgingly gave hugs. I’m still grateful for time we spent; even though, if I blinked I would’ve missed it. Maybe I should write a guide to stepparenting or staying at home if one cannot get ready in a timely manner.

Update: I talked to Dad after the composition of this post. He’ll be visiting whenever Cinderella travels (which is a lot for the series of jobs and projects that have yet to be confirmed).

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  1. Girl, I am with you. I don’t have a stepparent, but if you’re coming to chill, come correct! That rule applies to e v e r y o n e.


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