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Within one week, I saw Beyonce and bought Solange’s new album, what a good way to end September. October, how will you compete (considering my birthday is the 12th) but enough about me and more about this album then back to me.

I think it was last Monday or Tuesday when Solange tweeted about her new album which would be released on Friday. Like the impatient person I am, I attempted to listen to it as soon as I woke up but it wasn’t available until a couple of hours later. Note: After Frank Ocean’s album, I vowed to listen to albums before purchasing. After listening, I felt confident that I would not want my money back or delete the album to increase space on my phone *stares at Frank Ocean*

Per iTunes:

A confessional autobiography and meditation on being black in America, this album finds Solange searching for answers within a set of achingly lovely funk tunes. She finds intensity behind the patient groves of “Weary,” expresses rage through restraint in “Mad,” and draws strength from the naked vulnerability of “Where Do We Go.” The spirit of Prince hovers throughout, especially over “Junie,” a glimmer of merriment in a exquisite portrait of sadness.

Excellent. So, I haven’t read any reviews (besides the one from iTunes) but have seen people posting about it on social media. No one has mentioned the little nuggets of wisdom we received from Master P throughout the album. I was honestly cracking up because it seems hella random but; then again, it may be the hometown connection which brings me to the only song I don’t like: “Mad” featuring Lil Wayne. I honestly don’t want to hear his voice and don’t care what’s in his cup (he referenced it in his verse).

My favorite: “Don’t Touch My Hair” featuring Sampha. I knew I would love this song before even listening to it because I’m such a fan of him and his features (although he lacks commitment when it comes to his own album. My second favorite: “Cranes in the Sky.” If you didn’t notice, I’ve linked the videos for both. You’re welcome.

Overall, I like the album (even Husband likes it). This is an album that I just let play and although I don’t like Lil Wayne in “Mad,” I don’t skip it. I just roll my eyes really hard. So, who else has deleted Frank Ocean for Solange? Who else has listened to “A Seat at the Table?” What do you think?

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  1. Hehe you stay mad at Frank! I have to tell my boyfriend so he can get mad.

    Solange is amazing! I wrote a collaborated review if you wanna check it out.


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