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I may be generalizing but I’m fairly sure that most introverts don’t like small talk; however, most people don’t notice. Or, they don’t care… As a result, I’ve outlined a few scenarios and responses.

Scenario 1: The Elevator Ride 

Note: You should’ve taken the stairs but since you didn’t, here we are. 

Person: Good morning, how are you?

You: I’m doing quite well, and you?

Person: Great

You: It’s still really hot; although, fall is just a day away. I guess we have a few more weeks or so to play in the sun.

*PING* You’ve made it to your floor. You’ve successfully navigated small talk.

Scenario 2: Networking Events

Ugh, this one is the worst. First things first, plan to stay only for an hour.

Person: Hi, you’re a new face.

You: I’m *insert name here,* I heard about this event *insert advertisement (probably Facebook).* I do blah or am just starting blah, and you?

You could go further by asking about the training or education necessary to do whatever they do. Not that you care… 

Maybe ask them what made them get into that field and how long they’ve been at it. 

You could work the room with these same questions or hang by the food and stuff your face. You can’t talk with food in your mouth, that would be impolite.

Scenario 3: Husband Your Spouse Drags You to an Event 

Worse than the aforementioned worse. He Spouse knows you don’t like people but he spouse hates you and wants you to suffer.

First, snarl so people won’t approach you. Actually, that never works. You won’t be successful because these people are über friendly and don’t know how to read your body language. Since spouse that hates you brought you to the event, let spouse kick start the convos, it should be something you’re interested in and knowledgeable of, and or find the food table and stuff your face.

One thing that really helps is having an agreement on how long you have to stay at this event. My max is 2 hours unless I’m having fun which is rare. When 2 hours hits, give the death stare. Result to violence if necessary.

Oh, I forgot to mention. Humans like touching so you may have to shake hands, do a half hug or kiss a cheek. 

May the odds be ever in your favor.

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