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Friday ended my “Today’s the Day 7-Week Fitness Plan” with Ann Musico. Mom introduced me to Ann as a result of my conversation with her about my employer’s clinic making it rain in Adipex.

Mom: That stuff has really bad side effects and could even lead to death.

Me: At least I’ll die skinny…

Mom: You need to do it the old fashioned way, you need to call my nutritionist.

Note: Mom has lost a lot of weight and thinks she’s all that. Also, one of my Grandmothers was hating because she worked for Weight Watchers for 30 Years and told me to join them instead. My question to her: “Do you have Weight Watchers money?” Actually, I didn’t say it exactly like that… 

After a brief phone conversation with Ann, I had to complete a survey that included questions regarding my eating, physical, and mental habits. I was a little shocked by that. I didn’t consider the impact my mental health had on my eating habits. I also had to log my meals for 3 days so she could analyze my eating habits and provide me with a meal plan.

Once I was all signed up (and paid the fee), I got a host of resources which included the Today’s the Day book, weekly information on power foods, and daily advice and encouragement via email. And, she was always available. I usually communicated with her via text where I would ask her what I could eat, be sad when she told me no, and even made her my life coach and therapist.

At first, I was super excited to start but shortly after, I wasn’t in the best headspace so I gave more of 68% than 100%. Even with that, I still lost 8 pounds.

A few lessons:

  1. Increasing water intake is probably what contributed most to my weight loss.
  2. The mental part is super important, the most important aspect.
  3. It helps to have a support system. A couple of friends started the same time as me and even Husband changed a few things and lost 5 pounds. Now, Mom and I are thinking about joining the maintenance program.
  4. Eating healthy is hella expensive and boring but loosing weight will motivate you to keep going.
  5. Each day is a new day to do better. If you fail the first day, there is always the next day or next week.
  6. Eating better eliminated my hives. Every now and then, they come for me when I didn’t send for them but I was able to ditch my meds (5 pills a day). Although, dodging the sun is equally effective. Mom, does that make us vampires? Being allergic to the sun? That explains a lot…
  7. I have a tad bit more energy (can also  be linked to ditching the meds).
  8. When I try to eat things I used to eat, it makes me sick. Stomach to me: “I don’t want that bulls***!!!”
  9. You’re going to start craving your new lifestyle. Sometimes I can’t wait to drink water or eat fruit and veggies. On the other hand, I still daydream about brownies…

I was really concerned not just about my weight gain but also my health. I’m susceptible to Hypertension and Diabetes and guess what? I’m scared of needles so do you think I’m going to be able to prick myself several times a day to test my  Blood Glucose? I would cry each time and need someone to hold my hand. AIN’T NOBODY GOT TIME FOR THAT. Are people still saying that?

For more information about the “Today’s the Day 7-Week Fitness Plan” (and other plans), visit Three Dimensional Vitality

Side note: But if you know anyone who got the hookup on Adipex, and if you could ship it without Mom knowing, inbox me. 

Just kidding…ish.

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