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It’s the year 2030 and Frank Ocean has finally released his sophomore album. It was just yesterday (in the year 2016, 14 years ago) that we speculated Frank Ocean would drop his album but I had to see it to believe it.

Late Thursday or early Friday, a friend (hey Natalie) informed me that Frank Ocean dropped a visual album entitled Endless. I quickly realized that I needed Apple Music to access it but wasn’t downloading another music streaming app. Tidal was the last one (Read: Succumbing to Tidal While Sipping Lemonade). As a result, another friend (thanks Ercilla) sent me a link to the video in which I watched for 3 minutes, unimpressed. I had to wait 14 years for a video in which he’s in shop class covering Aliyah’s “At Your Best?” I had other things to do, planned to watch it later but when I came back to the link, it wasn’t there. @ReeRee_IsOn1 sent me another link but I didn’t have time to watch and concluded I would wait until it was iTunes.

Saturday night, Natalie informed me that Frank finally graced us with his presence. So what does a pissy fan do when Frank Ocean finally releases his album? Begrudgently download it, duh. The album is entitled Blond or Blonde and as of now, I have no real review. Maybe I should’ve mentioned that in the beginning but I needed the blog views. Any who, I plan to take the same amount of time to listen to this album as Frank took to release it. However, I can say I really like Pink + White but hate Solo due to the “light skin/redbone” reference. That’s wack Frank.

Oh yeah, I also read Frank Ocean dropped a magazine and had a few popup shows or something. We don’t need all that, just consistent music if that’s OK with you…

Who else is listening? What do you think? Are you like Natalie and not here for all the interludes?

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  1. Has a listen in the car ride when my date picked me up this weekend… might download it. Might just listen to it whenever he picks me up again… it’s a toss up for now.


  3. Frank lost me a long time ago…but maybe I wasn’t a true fan from the start, I just like a few of his songs. I don’t think he was at the level of celebrity he should’ve been to make people wait forever and then drop something so mediocre.

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