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We started Day 2 with a little shopping at the Country Club Plaza. My last time there was very brief because I was a bit sick. After, we rushed to the hotel to freshen up and headed to the next round of events. 

I arrived in a dress and was only questioned about not being in the proper family reunion attire maybe 2 times. Moment of silence for that boss move.


I spent most of the time in the kitchen (in the air conditioning) due to my chronic hives and me being bougie. Once I returned outside, I witnessed a family member teaching all the middle-aged women line dances. Then, the men were forced to get on the dance floor. Of course, I was on the sideline because, bougie. However, I did get a brief two-step lesson. An hour or so later, the family started to disperse with a group (the middle-aged women again) going to a Bootsy Collins concert. This was the perfect time for Husband and I to sneak to the Power and Light District.

We walked around a bit, got a bite to eat, had a bit of booze and hopped on the streetcar. I remembered that it was free and figured it would be a spontaneous adventure. I was right. A crazy got on the train and tried to pick a fight with another passenger. I was filled with delight but husband thought he was going to kill us all, he hit the “stop” button and we got off the train. He didn’t trust the guy but I was quite entertained. Another streetcar came a few minutes later and we rode it to the end-of-the-line at Union Station. We walked around a bit, rode the streetcar back to our car and headed back to the reunion where they were playing a mean game of Bid Whist (whatever that is). Then they brought out the bones (aka Dominos). I wasn’t raised in the devil’s playhouse so I don’t know how to play any of these games. 

So, this is Day 3 and I’m in the back of our rented SUV finishing up this blog post. We over slept as usual and decided to get straight on the road. Plus, I wanted to stop in St Louis at Sweetie Pies. While in line, I checked out the menu in which it boast of “Mississippi Style Cookin.” Being that I’m traveling back to Mississippi, I probably could’ve bypassed this stop. So, was it worth the stop and me derailing my diet? No. And, it hurts because I use their recipe for my Mac and Cheese! Any way, we have about 6 more hours on the road and we’ll be back home. 

On a petty note: Father-in-law dropped his phone on the backseat floor. Do you think I’m going to tell him? 

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