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Disclaimer: A bit of a spoiler but mostly bitching about motherhood from a non mutha mother.

Last Friday, husband and I saw Bad Moms. Note: This movie is more of a chick flick but was probably a good learning experience for husband. The filmed starred Mila Kunis, Kristen Bell, Kathryn Hahn, and a bunch of other women.  Basically, Mila Kunis’s character (Amy Mitchell) is overwhelmed with being a mother, grabs two other burned-out moms (Kristen Bell and Kathryn Hahn) and throws the deuces. I personally didn’t think it was a bad thing, they were finally living a little. Overall, the movie was super hilarious. Likely, because the characters were honest and unbothered.

Now, a rant. This is why I don’t want kids. Husband “seems” like a nice enough guy but I still think the burden would be on me. He’ll be all excited to help in the beginning but I assume we’ll ease into the traditional roles. I imagine the following:

  • Waking baby gumbeaux up and getting her ready for the day
  • Feeding baby gumbeaux breakfast but she’s a picky eater like her mom so she’s giving me crap about this morning’s selection
  • Dropping baby gumbeaux off at school
  • Rushing to work (where I should be an uber successful entrepreneur by now)
  • Rushing from work to pick baby gumbeaux up from school because apparently she’s too good young to call an uber
  • Dropping baby gumbeaux off at extracurricular activities
  • Watching baby gumbeaux perform boring extracurricular activities
  • Helping baby gumbeaux with homework
  • Cooking dinner for baby gumbeaux and she’s giving me crap again because…picky eater.
  • Putting baby gumbeaux to bed

Then, doing it all over again the next day. What the hell kind of life is that? When do I get time with potentially unhelpful husband? When do I get time for myself? And, guess what? Your kid being 18 or fake grown (like me at 30) doesn’t mean you’re done with them. You’re stuck with them forever! Ask my Mom. Note to Mom: GIRL, YOU’LL NEVER BE DONE WITH ME! 

Shout out to the moms who are doing it all. Just because you aren’t perfect, it doesn’t mean you’re a “bad mom.” And thanks to the family and friends who occasionally relieve the burden by babysitting (Note: This is not an invitation to my family and friends, I will not babysit your children).


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  1. Lol amen sister!! This is is my life…and you are right about roles. I am 90% care giver to our kids…mostly because I’m a WAHM but it’s just how it is. It’s exhausting a lot of days and I try to not fall into the feeling of being a bad mom.


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