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If my experiences can help at least one person, I’ve done my job.


While in a work meeting (which are usually lengthy), I got super thirsty. Without consciously giving it any thought, I grabbed a bottle of water and started drinking it. I felt refreshed and thought to myself, I really need to drink more water. Minutes later, it dawned on me that I did not bring water to this meeting!!!! Note: During the last meeting, I was informed we could no longer bring water into the meeting.

I silently lost my shit. I’m trying not to draw any attention to myself because this is a packed meeting and I’m sitting in the front. So I ask one of my colleagues “is this your water?” She said no and I thought thank God! We don’t like each other much so if I drunk after someone, let it be someone I like! She asked another colleague and confirmed it was hers. I like her a little and she always has good candy but we not cool like that. Not in a drinking after, possible backwash kind of way…

My throat starts closing, I think I heard her sneeze but I’m not sure. I start thinking the worst. What if my lips fall off? I just need all of my prayer warriors to say a prayer for me. I’m about to take a Zicam, rinse with holy water and meditate.

Did this happen because I talked about Alicia Keys yesterday? Did Illuminati do this to me?

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