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Last week, I traveled to Kansas City to attend a summit. Kansas City is not a place I ever envisioned visiting but I’m sure people say the same about Jackson, Mississippi… Upon arrival, I was pleasantly surprised.

Side Note: I was sick throughout the entire trip plus the summit kept me uber busy so I didn’t do much.

Source: Nelson-Atkins Musuem

I stayed at the Kansas City Marriott Country Club Plaza which was in close proximity to a couple of museums: Nelson-Atkins Museum of Art and Kemper Museum of Contemporary Art  (which are free but operate on weird hours so the art I saw was usually from the front lawn). We also walked around County Club Plaza which is a beautiful 15-block district of retail and restaurants but due to feeling like death warmed over (whatever that means, I just know old people say it), I was more interested in going to bed. I think it’s the first time in my life I walked in and out of an Urban Outfitters without buying anything.

Kansas City is know for their BBQ so our first stop for the ultimate BBQ experience was at Gates Bar-B-Q. While standing in line waiting for my half slab of ribs (or whatever it’s called) and fries, I nearly fainted which lead to one of the employees telling me a pregnant woman fainted a couple of days earlier. I had to assure him I was not carrying any spawn. Back to the BBQ, it sucked. The sauce was really weird but I liked their fries… The following day, a friend suggested Q39 which was a 40 minute wait so I had very high expectations. I loved the design and atmosphere of the restaurant, they probably sold awesome booze which I didn’t get to taste (because sick), allowed me to buy ribs individually (half rack or stack is usually too much) and had awesome Mac and Cheese.

They also gave me cornbread which I bypassed.

The final restaurant we visited was Char Bar. Really cool concept, large outside patio with games, great cocktails (I’m assuming because…sick) but I did not like the food. Most of the group I was with barely touched their food but it was free so who cares…

There were a few other attractions we got to visit: Crown Center (which is great for kids but not great for people who hate kids) and Union Station which is absolutely beautiful.

Source: Austin Chinaberry

Union Station had a host of retail, restaurants and museums but we didn’t spend much time there due to rushing to the trolley for a 90 minute tour. During the tour we learned that Kansas City was once run by a mafia of some type, they really really like fountains (is this where tax dollars are going), they have a lot of museums and the Power and Light District looked lit from the trolley. Oh and they are really into free parking and have a free streetcar downtown.

Overall, it was a pretty-good, sickly trip. And lucky for me, I’ll be returning in a few weeks for a family reunion where I will be trying to figure out how to ditch family to do all the things I didn’t get to do the first time.

Side note: Does Kansas City have a stench or is it me? It smells like teenage boys.

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