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Last Thursday, we met at Fondren’s First Thursday:

This Studio Chane / The Wonder Lab presented event is a megaplatform of artists, musicians, designers, dreamers and doers. Each month, FFT produces 6000 – 8000+ attendees and we are growing! This all age family friendly event welcomes all to Fondren – Jackson’s playground for dreamers

It has been years since I’ve attended, I’ve been preoccupied with school-related tasks. Nonetheless, it was the event selected for our second Meetup. Side note: Why does every Meetup incorporate being outside? Am I the only one who knows it’s hot as hell? Maybe I’m the only one with sweat glands.

So, I wasn’t really interested in most of the food there. With an event like that, I’m sure restaurants would prefer to offer something both inexpensive and quick to cook. This resulted in a host of gourmet hotdogs and an assortment of other meats wedged between hotdog buns so I went to a local restaurant for their chicken strips that were flavorful but the Mac and Cheese was wack. CAN’T I GET GOOD MAC AND CHEESE IN THIS TOWN?! But you know what didn’t disappointment me?! Ma and Pa’s Kettle Korn (of Carthage, MS).

There were maybe 3 or more stages with live music, Salsa Mississippi Club & Studio (where we may have our next Meetup) had a dance floor, there were games (that I wasn’t interested in because I was stuffing my face with kettle Korn), and the dissemination of hugs by local scoundrels.


I also got the opportunity to visit THE WONDER LAB, a coworking space for artists (in which I chatted with two that you can follow on Instagram @ransburgart and @michaelafisk_finearts).

Overall, it was fun but you won’t see me again until the fall. Did I mention it was hot as hell? What is wrong with these people?

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