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If my experiences can help at least one person, I’ve done my job.


While in a work meeting (which are usually lengthy), I got super thirsty. Without consciously giving it any thought, I grabbed a bottle of water and started drinking it. I felt refreshed and thought to myself, I really need to drink more water. Minutes later, it dawned on me that I did not bring water to this meeting!!!! Note: During the last meeting, I was informed we could no longer bring water into the meeting.

I silently lost my shit. I’m trying not to draw any attention to myself because this is a packed meeting and I’m sitting in the front. So I ask one of my colleagues “is this your water?” She said no and I thought thank God! We don’t like each other much so if I drunk after someone, let it be someone I like! She asked another colleague and confirmed it was hers. I like her a little and she always has good candy but we not cool like that. Not in a drinking after, possible backwash kind of way…

My throat starts closing, I think I heard her sneeze but I’m not sure. I start thinking the worst. What if my lips fall off? I just need all of my prayer warriors to say a prayer for me. I’m about to take a Zicam, rinse with holy water and meditate.

Did this happen because I talked about Alicia Keys yesterday? Did Illuminati do this to me?

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Source: Alicia Keys

When I heard about Alicia Keys’s “no makeup movement,” I thought how convenient. Now that proactive has cleared her skin, she’s “empowered” by inner beauty or whatever. Some may think I’m hating and well… I am.

Although I’ve used makeup in some form most of my life, I didn’t start wearing foundation until my mid to late twenties due to a second round of teenage acne. I was trying to hide pimples and the associated dark marks. A few years later, my skin cleared but I was too far gone. I was addicted to makeup.

Maybe the last year or so, I started thinking about leading a minimum makeup life. Note: Minimum is the key word. However, I now have new dark marks as a result of trying to remove my beard. I’ve been told it’s not that visible but I’m super self conscious about it. But you know what? The summer heat has been completely melting my makeup and I know it would make sense for me to wear matte foundation (although I use mattifying moisturizer, primer, pressed power and finishing spray) but like I mentioned in Faux Product Review 22: Total Cover Cream Foundation, it wasn’t the perfect match.

In the last 3 weeks, I’ve worn foundation once. My new routine consists of priming (as usual), licking and sticking my eyebrows, eyeliner, nude lips and finishing spray. I wear my hair down so I can hide those aforementioned dark marks.

And, there have been advantages:

  • Surprisingly, I’ve seen an improvement in my skin. Likely because I don’t really have anything clogging my pores.
  • I really enjoy not having to carry a bag of products to touch up my makeup.
  • No foundation melting off and forming a puddle at my feet.

Foundation will always have a special place in my heart but I think I’m going to ride this summer out bare. Semi-bare of course.

Shout-out to everyone who’s been doing it before Alicia Keys deemed it a “movement.”



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I first introduced you to these face-turds-on-a-string in Faux Product Review 16: Konjac Cleansing Sponge w/ Bamboo Charcoal. Per directions, sponges should be replaced every 2 to 3 months. Due to having a conversation about dark marks with a Sephora Consultant, she suggested I try Konjac Cleansing Sponge With Complexion Clearing Clay and check back with her in a month.

Formulated specifically for active blemish-prone skin, Konjac Cleansing Sponge With Complexion Clearing Clay helps draw out oil and impurities and reduces blemish-causing bacteria to correct and prevent excessive breakouts. The pillow-soft sponge gently exfoliates dead skin cells and removes excess oil, while the green clay’s natural antibacterial properties help clear current breakouts and prevent future outbreaks for smoother, clearer, brighter-looking skin.

It’s also free of Parabens, Sulfates and Phthalates. All the things you care nothing about.

I’ve been using light-skin turd for a few days and assume I will be satisfied with it. It’s hard to tell. I’ve been drinking more water, take hair, skin and nail supplements and have minimized makeup usage (I’ll tell you about that later). For 15 bucks, I think it’s worth the financial risk… For more, visit Sephora.

You’re welcome.

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Last week, I traveled to Kansas City to attend a summit. Kansas City is not a place I ever envisioned visiting but I’m sure people say the same about Jackson, Mississippi… Upon arrival, I was pleasantly surprised.

Side Note: I was sick throughout the entire trip plus the summit kept me uber busy so I didn’t do much.

Source: Nelson-Atkins Musuem

I stayed at the Kansas City Marriott Country Club Plaza which was in close proximity to a couple of museums: Nelson-Atkins Museum of Art and Kemper Museum of Contemporary Art  (which are free but operate on weird hours so the art I saw was usually from the front lawn). We also walked around County Club Plaza which is a beautiful 15-block district of retail and restaurants but due to feeling like death warmed over (whatever that means, I just know old people say it), I was more interested in going to bed. I think it’s the first time in my life I walked in and out of an Urban Outfitters without buying anything.

Kansas City is know for their BBQ so our first stop for the ultimate BBQ experience was at Gates Bar-B-Q. While standing in line waiting for my half slab of ribs (or whatever it’s called) and fries, I nearly fainted which lead to one of the employees telling me a pregnant woman fainted a couple of days earlier. I had to assure him I was not carrying any spawn. Back to the BBQ, it sucked. The sauce was really weird but I liked their fries… The following day, a friend suggested Q39 which was a 40 minute wait so I had very high expectations. I loved the design and atmosphere of the restaurant, they probably sold awesome booze which I didn’t get to taste (because sick), allowed me to buy ribs individually (half rack or stack is usually too much) and had awesome Mac and Cheese.

They also gave me cornbread which I bypassed.

The final restaurant we visited was Char Bar. Really cool concept, large outside patio with games, great cocktails (I’m assuming because…sick) but I did not like the food. Most of the group I was with barely touched their food but it was free so who cares…

There were a few other attractions we got to visit: Crown Center (which is great for kids but not great for people who hate kids) and Union Station which is absolutely beautiful.

Source: Austin Chinaberry

Union Station had a host of retail, restaurants and museums but we didn’t spend much time there due to rushing to the trolley for a 90 minute tour. During the tour we learned that Kansas City was once run by a mafia of some type, they really really like fountains (is this where tax dollars are going), they have a lot of museums and the Power and Light District looked lit from the trolley. Oh and they are really into free parking and have a free streetcar downtown.

Overall, it was a pretty-good, sickly trip. And lucky for me, I’ll be returning in a few weeks for a family reunion where I will be trying to figure out how to ditch family to do all the things I didn’t get to do the first time.

Side note: Does Kansas City have a stench or is it me? It smells like teenage boys.

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Last Thursday, we met at Fondren’s First Thursday:

This Studio Chane / The Wonder Lab presented event is a megaplatform of artists, musicians, designers, dreamers and doers. Each month, FFT produces 6000 – 8000+ attendees and we are growing! This all age family friendly event welcomes all to Fondren – Jackson’s playground for dreamers

It has been years since I’ve attended, I’ve been preoccupied with school-related tasks. Nonetheless, it was the event selected for our second Meetup. Side note: Why does every Meetup incorporate being outside? Am I the only one who knows it’s hot as hell? Maybe I’m the only one with sweat glands.

So, I wasn’t really interested in most of the food there. With an event like that, I’m sure restaurants would prefer to offer something both inexpensive and quick to cook. This resulted in a host of gourmet hotdogs and an assortment of other meats wedged between hotdog buns so I went to a local restaurant for their chicken strips that were flavorful but the Mac and Cheese was wack. CAN’T I GET GOOD MAC AND CHEESE IN THIS TOWN?! But you know what didn’t disappointment me?! Ma and Pa’s Kettle Korn (of Carthage, MS).

There were maybe 3 or more stages with live music, Salsa Mississippi Club & Studio (where we may have our next Meetup) had a dance floor, there were games (that I wasn’t interested in because I was stuffing my face with kettle Korn), and the dissemination of hugs by local scoundrels.


I also got the opportunity to visit THE WONDER LAB, a coworking space for artists (in which I chatted with two that you can follow on Instagram @ransburgart and @michaelafisk_finearts).

Overall, it was fun but you won’t see me again until the fall. Did I mention it was hot as hell? What is wrong with these people?

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