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In The Curious Case of Friendship, I told you about the Meetup I recently joined and am now an organizer of.


The first event we organized was Museum After Hours which was held at the Mississippi Museum of Art.

Every third Thursday we host Museum After Hours, when we open the doors after hours to partner with and embrace Mississippi’s creative community. These collaborations feature one-night pop up exhibitions and dining experiences, live music, outdoor movies, games, and more.

We ate at one of the food trucks opposed to the pop-up menu featuring crawfish-themed cuisine.

Note: I am an extremely picky eater. Worse, I don’t particularly care for food deemed Cajun or Creole cuisine because I don’t want to be disappointed or angry. 

Outside of the museum (where it was too damn hot) there was a bar, a couple of vendors, food trucks (as mentioned previously), live music, and splash pads (where I should’ve been). Later in the evening, people gathered on the lawn to watch “Smokey and the Bandit.”

Within the museum (where it was not hot as hell), we watched some sort of improv where I made sure I didn’t make eye contact to ensure the dancers wouldn’t pull me on the dance floor. I didn’t drink enough mimosas for that. Eventually, my group moved on to the exhibits where we completely ignored the description of art and created our own interpretations. Some of my favorites:




On our way out, we visited the Museum Store where there were a host of cool journals and jewelry that I wanted to buy but…bills.

Overall, I could definitely see me attending this event monthly and may even watch a movie out on the lawn while melting into a puddle of chocolate… You must try this event at least once!

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