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Around the same time I started reading The Law of Attraction, I bought this journal:

Complain less, appreciate more, and become happier with The Five Minute Journal. Built from leading positive psychology research, The Five Minute Journal is a simple guided journal that focuses your attention on the good in your life. It takes just 5 minutes a day and features daily inspiring quotes.

Interestingly, you don’t start journaling right away. The first 50 or so pages explains why you’ll love the journal and how it works, basic principles, the morning and night routines, weekly challenges, commitment, solutions THEN the journal.


My journal arrived Saturday; therefore, my first entry was during the night routine. Because I read a host of reviews before purchasing, I found out that some people complete the entries as a family so I’ve been doing mine with Husband. For example:

Some of the things we’ve been grateful for: Donuts, our bed and good sleep, and my Beetle

Things that would make our day great: Productivity during and after work

Daily affirmations: Being an unlimited being, a successful blogger, architect and financially stable

Amazing things that happened: Being productive, spending quality time, and dancing and singing around the apartment

How could the day have gone better: Not eating pizza from a new restaurant we tried (because it hurt my tummy), exercising, and drinking more water

This is a great way to start the day, it makes me feel more energized and motivated. We even enjoy the motivational quotes but most of all, it doesn’t really take five minutes to complete. Maybe it’s because we are smart…

Of course, you could write this stuff in your own rinky-dink journal but I doubt you’ll do it. I can smell your lack of consistency from here. Shop the journal here or via Amazon here. I was also checking out their Productivity Planner but I need them to add a calendar. When you guys do that, let me know.

You’re welcome.

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