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Because I know all of you are following Pink Gunbeaux on Facebook and Twitter, I’m sure that you saw that I shared the Breakfast Club’s interview with Ameriie (it’s two i’s these days). Maybe you didn’t, I do understand that I may be 1 of 36 fans. What I mean is that both Amerie’s and Ameriie’s career never progressed the way we thought it should’ve. She’s pretty, can dance a little, models, writes her own songs, and sings like an angel. What more do you want?

During the Breakfast Club interview, she informed us that she would be releasing a new EP in the next few days. After checking iTunes twice, I went to her website and found out it’s available on SoundCloud. Ameriie, why did you sell yourself short? A few of us would have bought it.

Drive is comprised of six songs and includes Out Loud which was released more than a year ago. What I’ve always liked about her music is that she sings over hip hop/rap beats, music production. Whatever it’s called… So, since it won’t cost you anything but like 22 minutes of your time, listen here!

Also, does anyone watch her on YouTube? It’s a lifestyle channel but is mostly about books. Watch here!

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