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I first blogged about Incoco three years ago but sucked as a blogger so don’t dig that post up. The appliqués are real nail polish, includes top and base coats, are 3-free and lasts up to 14 days. Incoco is as awesome as described so when I heard about their cheap ass less expensive brand “Coconut Nail Art” for Walmart, I moseyed over to the 4 nearest Walmarts. I didn’t see it at the first Walmart so I went to all of them in my region. Can’t I do anything I set my mind to?

That was several months ago… I tried again in February and finally found success this past Saturday.

Introducing Coconut Nail Art, a fun new line of 100% real nail polish strips by Incoco. Say goodbye to the drying time, smudges and streaks of liquid nail polish, and get effortless nail beauty with Coconut Nail Art. The nail strips are made of 100% real nail polish, and include top, color, and base coats. When you’re ready to try a new color, the manicure can be removed with regular nail polish remover. Made in USA. Sixteen trendy colors and designs are now available in nationwide Walmart stores and at

So, I really didn’t have much to choose from. On one hand, I thought “this stuff is nearly sold out, it must be good.” On the other hand, they must have been bought by 5-year olds because the packaging indicated that a 30-year old woman should not be a willing participate.

Once opened, I realized that there weren’t as many strips as I would’ve received with the regular appliqués. Hell, these aren’t even called appliqués, they are “nail polish strips.” Secondly, it only included a baby file not a file and the little wooden cuticle stick or whatever it is. They were also tiny but I wasn’t scared because I remembered that I was able to gently stretch the appliques; thereby, covering my whole nail bed but…


When I gently tugged, they tore. Exhibit  A: My thumb. If you look closely, the stickers were just too small for my nail beds. But you know what, I’m not going to totally blame Coconut Nail Art. First and foremost, this is not Incoco’s appliques.  It probably wasn’t even produced in the same plant. Secondly, this is for kids…

In less than 24 hours, I removed them and polished my nails pink. You can view a picture of them on my home page, Instagram, Facebook, Twitter… You know, all the social media pages you guys aren’t following, lol. Shop Coconut Nail Art for your daughter and little nieces here or roll up to Walmart where the stock is most likely nonexistent. Yeah, so…

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