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Ziti Al Forno is one of my favorite dishes and a couple of weeks ago, I said to myself:


You’re capable, you can Google, you can cook-ish, why not? 

So, I traveled to my local Kroger with recipes in hand and bought only a portion of the ingredients because I didn’t feel like spending all day at the grocery store… As a result, I free styled. And, it turned out really well. What you’ll need:

  1. Ziti Noodles.
  2. Salt, Creole Seasoning, Garlic Powder and Onion Powder for taste (unless you lead a bland life).
  3. Alfredo Sauce (you can find this in a jar and no I don’t know the size, good luck with that. Get the small?)
  4. Small bag of Parmesan and Mozerella cheeses.
  5. Chicken (2 chicken breasts or 3 tenderloins? I don’t know. What would Jesus do?)
  6. Frozen shrimp or fresh if you have it like that. I bought a small bag, it equaled about 20 large shrimp.
  7. A small bag of bacon bits. Not the crunchy kind, the chewy kind.
  8. Green onion, yellow onion, and garlic.
  9. Butter.

Mince veggies while noodles are boiling. This is usually done by my Sous Chef (my little brother) and I tell him to cut what he think is appropriate. Maybe a half cup of each? Just go for it!

Add a dash of salt to noodles. Apparently, it helps noodles cook faster. That’s just what I heard on the streets.

In a skillet, cook chicken. I like to season with garlic powder and onion powder on both sides. After, remove chicken, toss a stick of butter in skillet with minced veggies and shrimp. Add a few dashes of creole seasoning. Cook for 5 minutes. Don’t burn it, that would suck.

Oh, did I mention you should preheat your oven? This is only if you want a light brown crust. If you’re super hungry, don’t worry about it.

Ok, now it’s time to toss in the cheeses, chicken, and bacon. Add the jar of Alfredo and a handful of parmesan and mozzarella. This may equal a cup of each but I’m not sure. We’re free styling. Bring to simmer and make sure the cheeses melt.

Mix content with noodles, add to baking pan and pop in oven or eat as is. Whew, and we’re done!

You’re welcome.

If you try this, let me know! If you mess it up, keep it to yourself. I don’t need the bad publicity 🙂

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